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Top ten music/videos of 2011

Belated blog of my favourite tracks and music videos of 2011.

Sack us please, we're British

You're fired, and there's nothing you can do about it

Blog looking at the coalition government’s plan to take unfair dismissal protection away from workers in post less than two years, and comparing the responses of UK to French workers to the changes.

The UK agency workers regulations: an opportunity to organise

Temps: not quite yet equal

A blog entry about the new laws giving agency staff some equal rights with permanent staff, and how we can use them to improve our conditions and build solidarity in the workplace.

Should Rihanna loot small businesses, or chain stores?

Blog discussing the ethics of Rihanna's looting choices, from a communist perspective.

Huge strike against pension cuts on the way

Teachers on strike against pension cuts, June 30

A massive November walkout of up to 3 million public sector workers is now on the cards as the UK's largest unions announce their intention to ballot for strike action over pension reform.

Review: Peace, love & petrol bombs - DD Johnston

Steven Johns reviews DD Johnston's debut novel about revolutionary fast food workers, published by AK Press.

Workmates: direct action workplace organising on the London Underground - Review

Track maintenance staff at work

A review by Steven Johns of the Solidarity Federation pamphlet Workmates: direct action workplace organising on the London Underground.

Unison: fighting the cuts. Or is it?

"My pension is fine, I don't know what they're worried about…"

The anti-cuts movement is buzzing with talk of a coordinated strike on 30 June. But where is Unison, the public sector's biggest union in all this?

The working class and the "immigration debate"

The Kaiser Chiefs: you can deport them

A critical response to an article about immigration in the Financial Times quoted favourably on a "pro-working class" website containing anti-immigrant misinformation and scaremongering.

An open letter to Socialist Worker on autonomism and the fight for change

My first encounter with anarchism?

An open letter to Socialist Worker newspaper in response to possibly the most ill informed smear of anarchism I have ever seen: "Autonomism and the fight for change" by Estelle Cooch.

Shirking 9 to 5: diary of a reluctant temp

An agency worker recalls several years' temping in London, trying to help his co-workers and do as little work as possible.

The middle-class blues

This new track by XL Middleton, I think could resonate with many working people...

A brief account of Unison's national conference, 2008

A critical account of the 2008 Unison national delegate conference by libcom group member Steven Johns, analysing how the union's bureaucracy systematically attempts to remove control of the union from its rank and file and also looking at the response to the from the union's left-wing.