Top ten libcom blog posts of 2011

A libcom blogger at work

The top ten most popular blog posts on throughout 2011, alongside blog statistics.

2011 has been a good year for libcom user blogs. We have expanded our pool of user bloggers, and plan to prioritise blogs further in our redesign which is ongoing behind-the-scenes.

As a result traffic to blog pages has increased massively, from 5900 views per month in the last quarter of 2010 to over 17,700 per month in the last quarter of 2011 - a 200% increase.

We would like to thank our bloggers for their contributions, and here we count down the top ten most popular blog articles of the year:

10. Thatcher's funeral plans are finalised - on the Working Class Self Organisation blog
9. EDL take on #Occupy, while new light is shed on their supporters - on Django's blog
8. Who's out on November 30? - on Ramona's blog
7. What is wrong with crossing a picket line? - on Phil's blog
6. What happens if the USA defaults on its debts? - on Samotnaf's blog
5. Tommy Robinson to leave the EDL for the British Freedom Party - on the Working Class Self Organisation blog
4. "Anarchists are like Tories" and other fairytales -on Joseph Kay's blog
3. Wisconsin: Why a general strike hasn't happened yet... - on Juan Conatz's blog
2. An open letter to Socialist Worker on autonomism - on Steven.'s blog
1. Norwegian spree killer had EDL links - on Django's blog - which had over 29,000 views!

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Dec 27 2011 22:12



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Dec 27 2011 22:16

Seriously, many thanks to all of our bloggers, we really appreciate what you do!

Also please bear in mind that because these annual statistics older ones will have disproportionately more views just because there has been less time for them to get Google referrals etc.

Dec 27 2011 23:32

Thank you to all our bloggers old and new, you all do a brilliant job!

Caiman del Barrio
Dec 27 2011 23:57

Currently writing a new one for mine, you maybe pleased to hear... smile

Dec 27 2011 23:59

It's about time!

Caiman del Barrio
Dec 28 2011 00:45

Yeah I moved it offsite cos I thought the Libcom blog remit was too narrow. But now you're broadening it again, I feel more comfortable doing it.

Dec 28 2011 00:56

Cool, just to say that we haven't officially changed the remit of blogs at all, but maybe it appeared to you that the remit was narrow. Look forward to it anyway!

Juan Conatz
Dec 28 2011 04:17

I made #3. That's bronze, dude! I deserve a parade!

working class s...
Dec 29 2011 17:43

number 10 has only been out for two weeks, and you have announced the top ten with a week to go before the end of the year, there fore robbing number 10 of a full week of views. I demand a recount!!!

Only joking by the way. Enjoyed reading some on the list I had not already seen

working class s...
Dec 29 2011 21:43

Damn, I will keep quiet then haha