Top ten music/videos of 2011

Top ten music/videos of 2011

Belated blog of my favourite tracks and music videos of 2011.

I wrote this at the beginning of January but forgot to post it up, so thought I might as well do it now even though it's a bit late.

I didn't bother having a separate top 10 tracks list this year as a bunch of my favourite tracks also had my favourite videos. Starting with this one:

M83 - Midnight city
Not only one of the best videos, but also my favourite song of 2011.

Is Tropical - The Greeks
Is Tropical bring the horrifically violent imagination of children to life in this stunning video.

Chromeo - Hot mess
Best Chromeo video was a really close toss up between this one and this.

Battles - My machines
I'd always wondered what would happen if you fell down the up escalator.

Beyoncé - Run the world (girls)
Another music video which probably wouldn't have been made if it hadn't been for the Arab spring.

Rammstein - Mein land (NSFW)
Rammstein sure know how to throw a beach party. The song sucks but the video's great.

Rammstein - Mein Land from Rammstein on Vimeo.

Metronomy - The Bay
Duran Duran on the English Riviera.

Katy Perry - Last Friday night (TGIF)
A great video from Katy Perry, including a solo by Mike Harman's favourite saxophonist!

Matt & Kim - Cameras

Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris - We found love
Northern Ireland is a pretty hopeless place.

Special mention:
Miley Cyrus - Liberty walk
It says something about 2011 when red and black flags show up in Miley Cyrus videos.

So, what was everyone else's favourite music and videos from last year?

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Jan 26 2012 19:12


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Jan 26 2012 20:57

W@T Ha5 th1S goT t0 d0 w1tH @naRky?!!??

Jan 26 2012 21:49

About as much as man wrestling.

Juan Conatz
Jan 26 2012 22:09

No comment.

Jan 26 2012 22:12
Steven. wrote:
About as much as man wrestling.

Ate least Monson is an anarchist
etc etc etc wink

Jan 26 2012 22:29
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
Choccy wrote:
W@T Ha5 th1S goT t0 d0 w1tH @naRky?!!??

Caiman's in one of the videos. (actual fact)

I thought I saw Juan Conatz briefly as well!

Tommy Ascaso wrote:
TBH, I've liked The Bay since I heard it in that hipster club in Milan I went to with Ed & gav.

that's funny, they also played it at the hipster club night in Milan I went to with Ed (London Love)

Jan 26 2012 22:38
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
Jason Cortez is also in it, is there clique of celebrity based around the Deptford libertarian communist scene?

it's like the days of Bone and Class War all over again

Jan 26 2012 22:42
Juan Conatz wrote:
No comment.

I'd be interested in what you were into last year (apart from dubstep crap). In particular, I don't really remember seeing hardly any decent hip-hop videos at all, apart from Kreayshawn (LOL) and Kanye West/Jay-Z, and they weren't amazing or anything…

Juan Conatz
Jan 26 2012 22:46

Videos? Shit, I would have to dig, I rarely watch music videos as I have no TV

Jan 26 2012 22:58
Juan Conatz wrote:
Videos? Shit, I would have to dig, I rarely watch music videos as I have no TV

ha ha TV...

You ever hear of this thing called THE INTERNET?!

Juan Conatz
Jan 26 2012 23:25

I was too busy pushing for a general strike in WI and reformating articles for the libcom library to keep up on music videos. hand

Jan 27 2012 00:39


Feb 9 2012 11:37

I'm so glad we stopped letting you do this as part of the libcom blog..