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Anti-Fascist Action – Fighting talk (documentary)

A BBC documentary from 1993 charting the history of militant anti-fascism in the UK.

Greek Stalinists welcome fascist involvement in workers dispute

The Greek Communist Party (KKE) have seemingly welcomed the involvement of the a fascist organisation, into a long running steelworkers strike in Athens.

Australian nurses banned from striking by the state government

Nurses in the state of, Australia have been involved in an eight month dispute with the government over pay, and staffing levels. They have now been banned from striking by 'Fair Work Australia', an alleged independent arbitration service, and potentially face fines and prison should they strike. After months of selling out the workers, the Australian nurses federation has bowed to pressure from the rank and file and says they will defy the ban.

Alternative Futures Group pay cuts – Don’t sign, don’t panic

Further information regarding attempts by the Alternative Futures Group to slash the pay of its care workers.

Spanish police batter protesting students

Students in Valencia undertake an anti-police brutality demonstration the day after the police attack a peaceful protest against education cuts. Following crippling austerity measures, Spanish schools and colleges can no longer afford "luxuries" such as gas or electricity.

Spanish workers protest against labour reforms

Over a million Spanish workers take to the streets across the country in protest against the governments labour reforms that enable bosses to unilaterally cut wages if they want, whenever they want. The government claims that by giving bosses the power to treat people like shit it will reduce Spain's unemployment rate of 23%, which is the highest in the developed world.

No Borders communiqué to immigration prisoners

A communique issued by the no borders network regarding the recent blockade of Harmondsworth and Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre.

Liverpool workers ‘locked out’ by bosses occupy factory

Striking workers in Liverpool have been locked out of their factory in a dispute over redundancies. In response, they have occupied the factory. The occupation has been temporarily suspended as their initial demands have been met. It is apparently the first 'lock out' of workers by bosses in Britain since 1958

Alternative Futures Group to impose pay cut on care workers

Social care providers, the Alternative Futures group has announced their intentions to implement changes to pay and conditions that will effectively mean a 6.45% pay cut for the workers. An anarchist care worker gives his view.

Into the fire (documentary)

Documentary film that looks at the G20 protest in Toronto

Sri Lankan police open fire on protesting workers

Around 60,000 fishermen from across Sri Lanka have refused to take their boats out in protest against rising fuel prices. Police have opened fire on a protest in Colombo, killing one worker and seriously injuring several others. Protests are breaking out across the country in response to rising fuel costs, and new austerity measures that have been demanded by the IMF.

Vita Cortex ‘sit in’ reaches 60 days

Vita Cortex announced it was closing its Cork plant in September 2011. When the workers finally got issued their notice in December they discovered that the bosses had screwed them out of their redundancy payments. The workers occupied the factory, and have remained there since. Their occupation has now reached 60 days. They are refusing to leave until the bosses cough up what they owe.

Kazakh union leaders facing threat of abduction by the state

Union leaders from Kazakhstan are seeking support and solidarity as they face they very real and imminent threat of abduction by the state following their role in an oil workers strike last year, in which the Kazakh government massacred scores of striking workers.

Non-unionised Seattle truckers organise against the bosses

Over 600 non-unionised workers at dock in Seattle walk out in protest against horrendous working conditions. What started at one company has now spread to over a dozen. The workers are not going back to work until the bosses give into their demands.

Portugal's largest demonstration for over 30 years

As the gangsters and crooks from the IMF et al are due to arrive in Portugal to assess the success of the austerity measures they demanded, 100,000 people gather in a protest against austerity in what is the biggest demonstration in the country for over three decades.

Caterpillar Workers: Locked out and sold out

Following the six week lock out of Caterpillar workers in Ontario who refused to accept 50% pay cuts. Caterpillar are acting on their threat to close the factory and shift production elsewhere. The (CAW) has vowed to fight on the workers behalf. Yet not to keep the factory open, and maintain their wages, but to ensure they get the best possible severance package.

Battle of the Beanfield (Documentary)

On June 1st 1985, a convoy of new travellers, peace protestors, green activists and festival-goers set off from Savernake Forest in Wiltshire to establish the 12th annual free festival at Stonehenge. There were around 450 people in total, and they included a number of women and children. They never reached their destination. Eight miles from the Stones they were ambushed, assaulted and arrested with unprecedented brutality by a quasi-military police force.

Nazi opportunists descend on Liverpool

Liverpool anti-fascists counter a UK wide mobilisation of Nazi's as the protest outside Liverpool Crown Court in an attempt to make political capital out of a case involving alleged paedophiles.

Greek hospital now under workers' control

Health workers in Kilkis, Greece, have occupied their local hospital and have issued a statement saying it is now fully under workers control.

First-hand account from an Indian nurse on the work conditions they face

A nurse from the Kerala region of India writes a brief account of the conditions that nurses in India work in, which give an insight into why nurses across India are starting to organise and fight back.