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Folsom prison strike manifesto and bill of rights 1970

In 1970, prisoners protesting about the brutal regime at Folsom Prison, went on strike for 19 days. They wrote the following manifesto and bill of rights in support of their action.

Venezuelan prison occupation

1000 friends and family members of inmates are currently occupying a prison in Venezuela. This in protest against the judicial system, and prison conditions and brutality. The Venezuelan government believes the occupation to be part of a CIA backed plot to destabilise the country.

Working class self organisation's top ten most read blog posts of 2011

As it says in the title. Forgive me for my moment of self indulgence.

Hidden victims of austerity

2011 has seen a massive increase in people registered as homeless and people sleeping rough. However, the governments housing minister Grant Schapps claims that 'homelessness' is at a historic low.

Egypt’s security forces massacred prisoners during the revolution

During the Egyptian revolution of January 2011, security forces massacred over 100 prisoners, and injured thousands more in many of Egypt's prisons. Whilst in other prisons, the state engineered the escape of prisoners in an attempt to destabilise the revolution. The Egyptian state are now attempting to cover up the atrocities.

Moscow anarchists on electoral corruption demonstration

A brief report on the activities of Moscow anarchists during the massive protest on the 24th December, against Putin, Medvedev, and electoral corruption.

US warplane sabotaged at Shannon airport

An anonymous group has subverted security at Shannon airport in Ireland, and damaged an American military aeroplane. They have issued a communique outlining their actions, which is reproduced here.

Degrading, de-humanising, and discredited: The UK prison pressure cooker on the boil

The UK prison population has reached yet another record high, and many of the issues that led to the Strangeway's riot of 1990 are back on the rise. The prison system is a thoroughly discredited institution that brutalises people, and makes them career criminals, and social outcasts. If you are under 25, an ethnic minority, and poor, you had better watch out, or you may find yourself in the 'big house'.

120,000 protest against, bandits, criminals, oligarchs, corrupted officials, and other bastards

120,000 demonstrators pack into Moscow to protest against Putin, Medvedev, and election corruption.

Belgium general strike

Yesterday there was a 24 hour general strike in Belgium by public sector workers.

I will not be sold down the river again

Are the trade unions about to sell us out?

Striking workers slaughtered in Kazakhstan

Police have opened fire on striking oil workers in Kazakhstan. Independent reports claim that up to seventy people have been killed, and five hundred injured.

Thatcher’s funeral plans are finalised

Margaret Thatcher's funeral plans have been finalised. The old cow will get a state funeral, which will cost the economy £20 billion, as we will all get yet another bank holiday.

You can stick your Diamond Jubilee up your Royal backsides!

Plans for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee have been announced. Massive cost to working people, parties, banquets, touring the world, fantastic!

The elderly need to start taking responsibility for themselves

The elderly need to start taking responsibility for themselves says Andrew Lansley. There was me thinking that by paying tax and national insurance all your life, that you were taking responsibility for yourself.

Liverpool councillor Joe Anderson is scum

Liverpool council leader makes unfounded allegations of violence against protestors.

The great democracy swindle

A brief look at British parliamentary democracy, and how it is rigged from a grass roots level.

Russians protest against corrupt Putin

Russians believe that Putin has rigged recent elections. In response, they have taken to the streets and have vowed to continue if their demands are not met. Putin has started to round up and incarcerate political opponents in a predictable response.

£16,000 a year to polish Prince Andrew’s ‘objets d’art’.

Prince Andrew has just advertised for a new maid. Any takers?

Kelvin McKenzie's fake apology

Kelvin McKenzie the former editor of the Sun has apologised for remarks that he and his paper made about the people of Liverpool following the Hillsborough tragedy.