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Worldwide protests against Congolese election corruption

There have been worldwide protests against election corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but with very little media coverage. Yesterday 300 Congolese protesters clashed with police outside David Cameron's house. Tonight they have forced the emergency shut down of a railway station in London. Why is media coverage minimal?

It is time for my class to declare war

Gideon Osborne has announced the latest front in the governments class war. As far as I am concerned, the time for any kind of negotiation is over. It is time for action. I do not mean selling fucking newspapers, or hoping for another Labour government. It is time that we declared war on the government.

Improved offer? I do not f*****g think so!

A brief look at the governments improved pension offer.

Unilever screws workers out of their pensions

Unilever, one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world are scrapping their pension scheme. For the first time in the company's history, workers have balloted for strike action.

Sorry plod, I really do not give a damn

A police federation report highlights the absolutely disgusting working conditions that the police had to endure during the riots earlier this year.

Is the Monarchy a relevant enemy or a symbolic irrelevance?

I have often been criticised for spending too much time attacking the Monarchy. So I ask the question, Is the Monarchy a relevant enemy or a symbolic irrelevance? Feedback would be gratefully received.

Hands off my health records

David Cameron has announced plans to allow private companies to view our health records, and has vowed to reduce 'red tape' that governs research in the NHS. He is of course, wrong to do so.

Is it time for a security upgrade?

As the EDL/Infidels declare their intentions to target left-wing groups and their meetings. Is it time for a security upgrade?

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP wants to sack strikers

That chinless fucking 'hooray' Jacob Rees-Mogg has called on the Prime Minister to sack public sector strikers.

Jeremy Clarkson is a C**t

My thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson. Contains language that some may find slightly rude.

Liverpool N30

A brief reflection on today's march and rally in Liverpool

It was worse than we first thought, but never mind

George Osborne has only just realised how bad the deficit actually was. To be fair he has only been in government for two years, so never mind. He has announced an extra two years of austerity measures, and has goaded trade unionists for one last time before tomorrows strike.

When nurses fought back

As nurses prepare to ballot for industrial action, and start to gain confidence, here is a look at when nurses in Britain were militant. They went on strike, organised wildcat strikes, sit-ins, occupations, and worked to rule, and they won!

Has Health & Safety gone mad?

The government appears to be hell bent on making huge changes in health and safety in the workplace. Is it justified?

Trade Union Bureaucracy & Class Treachery

Following on from the article about 'partnership working'. Here is a brief look at the trade unions, issues around competing class forces, and their lack of spine, and inability to side with the workers.

Partnership working is a con

A brief look at my own experience of trade unions working in 'partnership' with employers.

Ruling class could do with maths lessons

The ConDem court jester and all round buffoon Danny Alexander, and tax thief Philip Green, have today made glaring errors in their multi-million pound calculations. They are not particularly related other than their shared contempt for working people.

Does the new EDL/BFP merger mean the end for the BNP?

As the EDL/BFP merger of fascists gathers pace, does it spell the end for the decaying carcass of the BNP?

Why nurses should take industrial action

The privatisation of the NHS, dismantling of the welfare state, and attacks on terms and conditions mean that nurses are facing the biggest battle in their history. The time for negotiation has finished. So what are you going to do?

Khymer Rouge leaders stand trial for genocide, but where is Henry Kissinger?

After 30 years, the leading members of the Khymer Rouge go on trial for genocide. However, where are the other idividuals who are responsible for the mass murder in Cambodia?