We're going A4

We're going A4

It looks like our first Freedom of the year is going to be one of those issues.

Okay so it looks like we're going to do this thing with making Freedom an A4 size publication, which means the inevitable confusion, tears and recriminations. It's kind of like moving house except the arguments begin with what shape the furniture should be and decorating has to be done by committee.

The first issue looks like it's going to be dated a little later on in the month than usual as I reckoned we had enough problems without having to rush it out in a post New Year haze as well, particularly as the sub and I don't have entirely the same opinion on newspaper design (and as it's her who's going to be laying this out for the next while, some negotiation is going on), but hopefully should be all the better for it, particularly as we now have review and theory section editors sorted.

Once we've got the new size and design on an even keel we're going to start looking properly at rejigging it to a more news-magazine feel like the economist etc, as various people have said this is a good plan...

In the meantime we're still looking for a features editor though as our main outstanding role, if anyone's interested. It can be done mostly online (I know this cos it's me that does it at the moment wink), and ain't too onerous. If we can sort that out, it should free up even more time for better articles!

We're after additional news editors as well, though that kind of stuff is more specialist and harder work, requiring at least some writing, so tis not for the faint-hearted...

Anyways, all in all not too bad a start to the year.

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Rob Ray
Jan 2 2008 13:54



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Jan 2 2008 16:41

*cough* glossy cover *cough*

Jan 2 2008 16:46

wicked, good luck.

Look forward to helping Freedom this year smile

Rob Ray
Jan 2 2008 19:03

*cough* Need designer *cough* wink

Jan 3 2008 12:57

sounds like you need cough syrup

Jan 3 2008 15:58

No change then, the last time I saw a copy of Freedom it was A4. Or maybe I am just shockingly behind the times.

Rob Ray
Jan 3 2008 17:02

You’re shockingly behind the times, it’s been tabloid for the last few years.