Anti-vaccination crap undermines attempts to eradicate measles

A paper in medical journal The Lancet last week shows that poor vaccination uptake in some European countries has lead to measles outbreaks across Europe, with just five countries in Europe accounting for 85% of cases. The growing 'exportation' of measles from Europe to regions thought to be clear of measles has undermined immunity elsewhere and setback the worldwide eradication program.

Reproduction; social and sexual

This blog is partially the product of ongoing discussions within the Solidarity Federation over the relationship of 'Anarchy, Sex and Freedom,' but also the reliance among the wider left on dated theories from the 1960s whenever the question of sexuality is raised. The following is a speculative attempt to fill in some of the gaps.

Revisiting the Scopes 'Monkey Trial' - radio feature

Scopes Trial, Dayton, 1925

In 1925, teacher John T. Scopes was tried in Dayton, Tennessee, for teaching evolution in a science classroom. Stephen Jay Gould pointed out a number of misconceptions relating to the trial, and radio feature this week revisited the small town that became known for one of the most famous trials in US history.

A sideways look at Pixar's films

A column from the Christmas 2008 issue of Freedom that looks at the subversion to be found in places as unexpected as Pixar's films.

Old public guidance clips

A host of old public servic announcements detailing everything from the Do & Don'ts of Dating, Going Steady, and how to avoid being a drop-out.
EduKaTe yur Branes!1!!1!!

Anti-semitism and the left - redux

This has been a hot topic on the forums of late, prompted in part by the spate of discussions in relation to Israel's assault on the Gaza strip. Here I'll try to pull together some of the arguments and provide a bit of background to try and understand the phenomenon.

Islam and Science

BBC Four's 3-part series 'Islam & Science' starts tonight, and presenter, physicist Jim Al-Khalili, begins by discussing 'the language of science'.

The Given Day, by Dennis Lehane

Aspiring to reveal the long roots of 20th century America’s fantasies of itself, Lehane’s new book nails some while reproducing others. Boston Mendacity Party.

Darwin 2009


2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On The Origin Of Species. Last year saw the anniversary of Darwin and Wallace's ideas first being presented to the Linnaean Society in London. Books, events, magazines, radio shows have already been marking these anniversaries and even two movies are in the works. Here's a list of some of them, by no means exhaustive...

Top ten TV shows of 2008

The Wire's Omar Little

Continuing our series of year-end reviews, Libcom presents our pick of the best television programmes broadcast in the UK in 2008.

Happy holidays to all Libcom users

A quick post to wish all our users and readers a happy holiday season, with some notes on what 2009 holds.

Top ten music videos of 2008

Libcom's pick of the best music videos of 2008.

Creationism in the science classroom - 29% of science teachers say 'yes'

More than a quarter of science teachers polled by Ipsos MORI think creationism should be taught in the science classroom.

Top ten tracks of 2008

Libcom's pick of the best music of 2008.

Charitable giving

An investigation in a national newspaper has found that charitable donations have been in free-fall as the number of donors crumbles due to the credit crunch. The general response has been to urge the great and the good to open their hearts, and their pockets to save the day. How quaint, to believe that in the face of capital loss people will band together in solidarity to help out the weak...

Freedom newspaper copy dates - 2009

Copy dates for the anarchist newspaper Freedom for next year - send submissions to freedomeds - puttheatsigninhere -

Best music of 2008

A selection of some of my favourite music from 2008, and where to find it if you are so inclined.

The BadPlace (cocktail)

A cocktail (tm) Fall Back and notch8.

Why is anarchism always 'self-described'

Reading through some of the coverage of the greek riots which have been happening, I couldn't help but notice the words 'self-described anarchists' cropping up a lot.

Redistributionist budget? Yeah right.

The angle of the mainstream media on the Budget is 'big borrowing, big risk, the death of low taxes for the rich'. Only the first two are true.