Tags: tagging your articles guide

A short guide to tagging and categorising articles posted to libcom.org.

Submitted by libcom on September 26, 2006

Tags help our users browse content, so please do tag articles that you post.
The most important thing is to tag the name of the author of the article or text in the Author field. For texts with multiple authors, just click Add another item to add other author names.
With author names and all other tags, please start typing the name, and see if the person, word or group shows up as an autocomplete option. This is extremely important, because if tags are not matched, then we can end up with duplicate tags which mean articles cannot be browsed properly, and this is very time-consuming to fix.
Use the most consistent part of a name to look for options. For example, with CLR James, try searching "James", because there could be multiple different ways of writing his name, like "CLR James", "C.L.R. James", "Cyril James" etc. Similarly, for a text by Peter Kropotkin, search for "Kropotkin", as his name could be written "Peter Kropotkin", "Petr Kropotkin", "Pyotr Kropotkin" etc.
For organisation names, use the full name of the organisation, in the primary language of the organisation, in Roman characters. Then, if the organisation is well-known by an acronym, the acronym is then included in brackets.
E.g.: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), Nihon Rōdō Sodomei etc.

For general tags, please try to include the following tags, again ensuring to search to match with existing tags. Multiple tags should be separated with commas:

  • The name of the current nationstate/s the story is about.
  • The city the story in, if it's a big city or US state
  • If it's about a big company, the name of the company, e.g. Ford, Amazon, etc
  • If it's a strike add the tags strikes, if wildcat add wildcat strikes, if general general strikes
  • If it's an interview, add interviews, if a review add reviews
  • If the article is related to race or racism add racism , women or feminism add women.
  • Any other good keywords you can think of, like: riots, environment, demonstrations, but only ones which have already been used, and so appear as options when you start typing.
  • If in doubt, leave it blank - an admin can always fill in the tag information later. And it is much easier to fill in new tags rather than spend time deleting incorrect ones.
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