Political debates with the libcom group

Links to discussions and debates from our forums which we believe are of interest.

The discussions below have taken place on our forums. We have generally selected them if they cover an issue of particular interest, or if the arguments in them help give a better idea of where the libcom group are coming from politically, and where we have disagreements with other particular trends or groups on the left or in the anarchist movement.

Not all people in the libcom group have participated in all these discussions, and in some other people put forward things we agree with more forcefully than us. It should be borne in mind that especially with some of the older discussions when the forum rules were more lax there may be some flaming and abuse.

This list has been compiled for reference, and will be continually updated.

Nationalism, WSM, NEFAC
libcom arrow for bullet points For John. - How is the WSM soft on nationalism? - Dec 2006-Feb 2007
A discussion covering national liberation, the Irish Workers Solidarity Movement, and North American group NEFAC.
libcom arrow for bullet points Being pro-independence - Apr-Sep 2005
Discussion with anarchists in favour of Scottish independence.

libcom arrow for bullet points The IWW - a good idea? Practical? - Mar 2006
A discussion about the Industrial Workers of the World, and political unionism in general.

Class War
libcom arrow for bullet points New Class War Stickers - Oct 2006
A discussion about their new stickers, after which CW left the forums.
libcom arrow for bullet points Class War Bonfire Party - Nov 2006
A discussion about Class War, Islam, stuntism and other issues, after their departure from the forums.
libcom arrow for bullet points Hunting banned! Class war coming soon to a town near you - Nov 2004
A discussion with "gangster" from Class War about fox hunting and political stunts.
libcom arrow for bullet points Should Wetherspoon's become Americanised? - September 2005
A discussion with Andycrap from Class War about the smoking ban.

libcom arrow for bullet points [url=http://www.punkt.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=111]Kronstadt
A discussion about the Kronstadt uprising with a member of the Socialist Workers Party.

libcom arrow for bullet points HIV causing AIDS, and "dissidents" - Nov-Dec 2006
A discussion with members of the Wombles about the nature of HIV and AIDS.
libcom arrow for bullet points Communism is dying - Oct 2006
Discussion with a social democrat about the nature of class struggle, communism and capitalism.