Greek riots eyewitness reports - 08 December 2008

A crowd attacks a police station
A crowd attacks a police station

Sporadic eyewitness updates on the riots in Greece sparked by the police killing in Athens.

Submitted by libcom on December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008
21:52 GMT: Heavy clashes at the Law School of Athens - a demonstrator who just came back from the school will report on the blog shortly.

21:48 GMT: The rumours on the government calling a state of emergency are thickening and being reported across mainstream media. The Director of the University of Athens has just resigned, which could (or could not…) be important in the university administration waiving the academic asylum (the law that prevents university and police from entering university campuses).

Mainstream media report the situation to be out of control. There are clashes on the following main streets of Athens: Akadimias Ave, Syggrou Ave, in the middle-class area of Kolonaki. Tens of shops are on fire; a gun shop in the central square of Omonia, in Athens, has been looted.

In Thessaloniki, groups of people have left the university and are smashing up the shops in its periphery.

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that the government cabinet is considering calling a state of emergency and that PM Karamanlis could resign as early as Tuesday morning.

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