Table of Contents

Choking Heads
collective editorial

from our readers

!Pido Castigo!
by primitivo morales

Dollars & Ecology
article by lucius cabins

Bad Ecotude Everywhere!
tale of toil by green fuchsia

Primitive Thought
by zeke teflon

Mudshark For Hire
tale of toil: tree planting, by med-o

Our Friend The VDT
bad news about video display terminals

Our Neglected Cities
analysis of suburban sprawl in australia, by jeffrey r. kennedy

Auto Destruction
transportation analysis by duncan watry

a vision for san francisco, by a frustrated sf bicyclist

To Save the Aquifer, We Had to Spoil the Water...
report from silicon valley, by dennis hayes

Plants Bursting With Energy
article by mark leger

ATM #666
a true life story by zoe noe

New Utopia
commentary by richard singer

by jay a. blumenthal, jim daniels, laura g. beck, william talcott, rob robertson, & paris, blazey

Learning Curve
fiction by primitivo morales

Dick's Day
fiction by dorothy hamill