3. Against Capital, a criminal struggle

Parliamentary investigation on the 18th of March insurrection

The equal right to all goods and pleasures in this world, the destruction of all authority, the denial of the moral restraints; that is the reason, when we get to the bottom of it, for the insurrection of the 18th of March and the frightful association that produced it an army

Submitted by Toms on June 22, 2012

In other occasions the lugubrious student rallies have been touched by “incidents” more or less “serious”, to which the most ass-kisser sectors could express their reservations, but as a whole, those incidents, by not going directly against the political spirit, where still admissible and didn’t endanger the holy union of the “student forces”. The merit of the arsonists of the 1st of December consisted in its actions being categorically inadmissible thus forcing the covert defenders of law and order to take of their subversive masks and openly display their true face of upholders of passivity.

With achievements such as these, the micro-bureaucratic choirs of emolument militants can no longer hide their true role of instructors of the future managers of misery, where they are initiated into the submissive learning of the lie for the good of the “cause” and to break through the competition through slanders, faithfully following the example of some of the father-heroes amongst the founders of the existing world. All of these wastes of unintelligence, of the Christian circles breast fed by the milk of the worker priests and the cultural circus performers, can be summarily judged by a simple rule: that which they respect exactly measures their own horrible reality. The “Revolution” is their hidden God, the abstract ideal in whose name they accept to participate in the lowest of earthly actions and then immediately forget them by contemplating the beautiful horizon of the revolutionary future that will one day come to redeem them.

Don’t expect compassion from the assholes passionate for the liberation of the seals in the North Pole or Nelson Mandela, the champions of noble causes (South Africa, Chile), the ones that voluntarily go to work for the greater glory of the Sandinista “revolutionary” exploitation, all those women that only see exploiters in men, in summary, all those cockroaches that claim to desire an end to it all don’t actually want to change anything, since it has been quite clear that those that only want to change particular details are the ones that throw themselves as if one person to save all that is under threat in their foundations: the old Market fetishism.

For authority and those that think like it, the 1st of December looters opposed nothing, since they didn’t have any reivindications. Distant from the spectacle of politics, they could not be recognized for what they were: the true opposition. In fact, if they didn’t reject anything in particular is because they rejected everything that emanates from the rotten Market order, master and lord of all that exists. The mutineers abandoned all particular slogans and mottos and placed on the front of the ransacked building the program that had been outlined on the ground: “Death to Kapital”. To keep asking in these times for the lack of “móviles positivos” in an act of insubordination of this kind we describe here is to disqualify oneself immediately by not seeing the obvious: that which one desires is contained in its own negation, it doesn’t need to be “reivindicated” since it can only be lived. Only those that seek the recognition of power or the contemplative mass – immediately recognizing themselves in them – need to justify themselves.

Besides, the mutineers didn’t need to demand through bureaucratic paperwork what they had already taken from Capital. And since there’s nothing that justifies the Market World, they didn’t wield anything against it, with the exception of their anger and desire to party, knowing that they didn’t have any justifiable reason from the point of view of those that judge them, that their actions were unjustifiable and that against the enemy there’s no language other than open violence and sabotage, that also do not need to be reivindicated in any other way than by their own manifestation even if some “publicity” is made, since fundamentally they are public.

If the Old World needs justifications to fuck us (productivity, hygiene, “war on terrorism”, “insecurity”), then we don’t need any to hurt them and bury them so completely that even their hateful memory will be lost.

The uncontrollable that had this healthy and exemplary initiative consequently refused to be some “fearful” unemployed or to lose out on their lives seeking to “earn” it working. Conscious that the need for money forces them to work, they took advantage of this lamentable student rally to secure for themselves a time of rejoicing; and they did so in accordance to the law of maximum profitability, the risk1 -return tradeoff, temporarily resolving their problem in a fun and audacious manner, making the individual theft and sabotage public and collective for all those that clandestinely manifest their dissatisfaction. The mutineers had realized that the spectacles struggle against the aggravation of the economic poverty maintained the poverty that is lived by young people intact and as a result refused to participate in this religious offering of an “alternative” to the management of Capital and its miseries. They were the living denial of Capital, manifesting the ludic and destructive aspect of all truly subversive acts against the sacrifice and discipline of the missionaries and militants.

The student spokespeople bitterly lamented that their reivindications were “used to mask acts of delinquency”. And it is when life has been manifested in the common ditch of thought that one confirms through the mummified mouths what was already obvious: in the society of the dead, life itself comes as a delinquency; all the zombies, conspirators to the eternal exploitation of other people’s labor, thus united in unanimous condemnatory psalm. The Stalinist party, veteran in fights that never go anywhere, showed us how its qualifications as an ancestral latiguillo by saying that the looting mutineers were “uncontrollable fascists”. In accordance to their auto-assigned position in the vanguard of repression, they criticized the police for their late and passive intervention (it is without a doubt that if they were in a situation of being able to order the cops, subtleties like the University special status wouldn’t stop them).

The clowns at the UGT-banca also spoke in condemnation of the theft (bank workers should reflect on this) and soliciting urgent identification and apprehension of the perpetrators.

In turn, a University employee declared on the radio that “they didn’t look like students, much less university students”, thus recognizing that university students are unable to act in such a way. The fact that some of the uncontrollable study – due to preferring it to work – doesn’t contradict the infamous truth in relation to the mass of unfortunate subordinates in this academic environment.

Meanwhile the remaining sidekicks in the ideological circus, the subtle and modernist CNT-A “deplored” the acts and, faithful to its cultured and refined style, instead of lowering to the gruesome level of the Stalinists and their supposed “fascists”, resorted to the ethical and moral denouncing of these vandals whom at their eyes were excluding themselves from the respectable community of “alternative” citizens: “People such as these are destroying one year of work in company committees, union locals and citizen activities”, angrily declared the CNT spokesperson to Heraldo de Aragón in the 2nd of February 1988. In due reciprocity these radicals of the spectacle, lovers of light disobedience, were praised by the press as the defenders of the civilized anarchism for good citizens and free of any suspicion. Bravo! A good behavior prize to add to the collection.

“Two souls, alas, live in my chest” (Goethe). Next to the “realist”, “earthly” and “modern” soul of the CNT-A there’s the “idealist”, “uninterested” and “incorruptible” soul of the CNT-AIT, eternal guardian of a past that is dead and buried, which they wish to resuscitate. Their extraterrestrial unrealism, of immaculate ideological purity, was nonetheless lowered to the level of a pesky Jesuitism when it had to lower itself to “mundane” matters. As expected, the press spoke of the present of banners with the caption of “Student Anarchists” amongst the mutineers, the AIT, feeling forced to publicly explain itself, pulled out a bland and ambiguous communicate attributing the responsibility to the organizers for not having done the organization through assemblies. Thus insinuating that had they organized in assemblies nothing would have happened, as a result revealing the ultimate truth of abstract assemblies: there are a lot of lambs organized in assemblies claiming their patent as a “revolutionary product”. Of course that there is the sorry excuse that “there are things that an officially recognized organization cannot say”, but that only goes to show that the rioters “said” it all. That’s the drama of sanctioned revolutionaries: they can’t say what they think, as it would lead a lot of people to think about everything that they usually say. The hard-working bees that circle the honey of subversion to take whatever can be collected and taken back to their fucking beehive, until now could only insult, silence or “support” the subversive acts in order to recover them (as it is in the shit that is the “support” for real struggles where group bureaucracy best grows). Now there is another possibility; they only speak so that it is clear that the CNT-AIT exists and is among the living, ¡Presentes!

In exchange, the atrocious label that a part of the student body that was there used for the vandals wasn’t as laughable: “you, the anarchists, are the terrorists!” as both assiduous and faithful believers of all the lies of the spectacle, the students have shown the full extension of the despicableness, the cowardice and stupidity demanded from the model-spectator. Since the spectacle wants the belief to be that only terrorists attack the system, the media have inoculated people with this lie against which these unfortunates have no defense against; it is logical, as such, for them to see in all attacks against the system as the work of terrorists or their allies. In this way surpassing even the Stalinists in disproportionate slander and verbal criminalization, and the worst is that the difference between them is that while the others acted deliberately with the deliberate bad faith of professionals, they did it spontaneously, simply acting from an unconscious reflex resultant from the media propaganda that has been hammered into them. It is necessary to add a few more things in respect to such a lie (see “Annex”).

If the mutineers’ violence wasn’t the antithesis of the misery of the political spirit shared by terrorism, university students, militants and authorities, then it wouldn’t have incited such savage reactions and such shameful lies. It is not a matter of the quantity of the damages, but the quality of their purpose (to have fun with the plunder instead of using it to purchase explosives or finance political propaganda) which surpassed the limits of what is tolerated by the spectacle and has embroiled in horror all those that share amongst themselves the defense of the old order of forced labor and the Market. The proof of the profoundly subversive character of the acts resides in the desire for criminalization manifested in the accusations of “delinquency” and “vandalism”, since under the kingdom of appearances true acts of denial – misunderstood and misrepresented by all of the trained commentators – appear under an appearance of criminality and/or as “unjustifiable” and “irrational” acts. Let’s make it clear, in order to avoid confusions, that we are not saying that stealing in itself is revolutionary. There are plenty of rats that resort to it: market hoarders, terrorists,… the list would never end. Yet, the way it was done and against whom it was done leaves little doubt over the nature of what happened.

The immediate fury that the looting, the attack and the fire caused in the defenders of public order, showed how an action that clarifies the real problems and presents a concrete answer in a practical manner, supposes in each group a moment of truth. And since ideology is nothing more than a speech of subtle lies based on passivity and non-intervention, when these disappear and the misery that is reality is before one’s eyes, their believers take the closest exit, covering their usual lies with shameless and grotesque lies in which not even they believe, but in which they trust to free them from the ridiculous situation in which they’ve fallen into.

Those that aren’t intoxicated by ideology could only believe what they were: some unjustifiable criminals. That of “fascists” or “terrorists” is something that is hard to sell to them, since they are aware that all of these public figures likes to dialogue with the authorities and the social acceptance of their actions. The anonymous vandals neither dialogue with power nor seek support from the masses; quite the opposite, they fight them. Denominating the mutineers as “anarchists” is as false as it is to call them “fascists”, and for the same reason: their action expressed the most clear practical refutation of ideology and to what it can lead. To a posteriori give it an ideological label and interpret their actions in accordance to that label constitutes the need that militant groups have that prevents them from being able to conceive that people are can act collectively without being inspired by an ideology and an hierarchical organization, methods that they don’t stop using for even an instant as much as they can and with the results that one can observe. To recognize that such would be possible and that it has magnificent results, is to recognize that the best they could do would be to disappear once and for all; as a result, the distortion of reality comes from a matter of life or death for them and so they consciously start to sniff around for the plot, the deliberate sabotage or the hidden police provocation, since they feel more dignified and less ridiculous with such pseudo-explanations than simply admitting that they are being ridiculed by the times.

For their part, the socialist and UGT scoundrels resumed their Manichean dispute, though now with a little less conviction, if that is even possible. PSOE, with the best of the lies aimed at diverting attention, accused the “political and union organizations” (!!) of “creating an environment leading towards civil unrest” (!!!) while UGT said that acts such as these “provide reason” to the government’s arguments against the 14th’s “general strike”. This dispute between the poles of the same lie in an attempt to save the spectacle of opposition, so greatly uncovered with the 1st’s insurgency, that for an instant made all pedigree differences take the background amongst all of the dogs that guard the order, thus being reduced to a vulgar ritual exorcism when faced with an unexpected interruption of the real struggle in the field of false struggles.

  • 1There are elements that, as a sort of “insubmissive” objectors - so called – not only don’t avoid risk, but deliver themselves to the repression. There’s no doubt that as a result they went a step further than heroes and martyrs…if those steps haven’t been overridden as a consequence of the generalization of rioting that is.