Sparks #02

Sparks #2 published and distributed by ASF Melbourne in July 1986

Submitted by Lugius on December 10, 2012

This was the second issue of 'Sparks' to be published. The number of pages were increased to 12. It was significant for the fact that an article about the tramways in Barcelona during the Spanish Revolution piqued the interest of a clerk working for Victorian Railways in the internal mailroom enough to attend the event 'Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Spanish Revolution' organised by ASF Melbourne held at the Foresters Hall in Johnston St., Fitzroy on Saturday afternoon, 19 July 1986.

At this very well-attended event were no less than 15 veterans of the Spanish Revolution from both the CNT and the FAI, two of whom gave talks on their experiences. Soon after, the mailroom clerk got in contact with one of the ASF Melbourne members working at Electric Running Depot and arranged to have 'Sparks' distributed to every station, depot, workshop, storage facility and office of Victorian Railways through their own internal postal system.

This effectively meant that the entire railways system in Victoria was covered and we could concentrate on distribution in the tram and bus depots. For issue #3 the print run was increased from 500 to 800.