Politics (June 1945)

Cover (p. 161)
Macdonald, Dwight. Badoglio A japanese? (pp. 161-164)
Goodman, Paul. The Ford (p. 164)
Macdonald, Dwight. Conscription & conscientious objection (p. 165)
Triest, Frank. Conscription & conscientious objection. Conscription is the issue (pp. 165-166)
Lewis, E. John. Conscription & conscientious objection. The slow-down at Germfask (pp. 166-167)
Kepler, Roy C .. Conscription & conscientious objection. An open letter to CPS men (pp. 167-168)
Goldbloom, Maurice. The liberation of China (pages. 169-170)
Macdonald, Dwight. Germany, 1945 Current notes (pp. 170-171)
Germany, 1945 Some letters from soldier-readers (p. 172)
Levcik, Jan. Germany, 1945, Buchenwald before the war (pp. 173-174)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). European newsreel (pp. 174-175)
Serge, Victor. danger was The Within (3). Vignettes of NEP (pp. 176-180)
Harlan, John Marshall. Modern Texts. The Plessy Dissent (pp. 180-182)
Vogel, Virgil J .. A note on Soviet education (pp. 182-184)
Woodcock, George. Political persecution in England (pp. 185-186)
White, MG. Books. Politics and morals (pp. 186-187)
Roth, Lila. Books. The sinews of peace (p. 187)
American soldier. The intelligence office. London, March 1945 Paris, April 1945 (pp. 187-189)
Glazer, Nathan. The intelligence office. In defense of Fromm-Horney (pp. 189-190)
Comment (pp. 190-192)
Contributors (p. 192)

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