Politics (August 1945)

Atrocities of the mind (pagg. 225-227)
Stendhal. There was a War! (pag. 228)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). The peace criminals (pagg. 229-232)
Elton, Mark. Where apathy begins (pag. 232)
Malaquais, Jean. Louis Aragon, or the professional patriot (pagg. 233-235)
Oakes, Walter J.. The national scene (pagg. 235-236)
Anders, Robert. Can capitalism be humanized? Two reviews: (1) Beveridge on a free society (pagg. 237-240)
Bruggers, Arnold. Can capitalism be humanized? Two reviews: (2) Notes on Abba P. Lerner's The economics of control - Principles of welfare economy (pagg. 240-243)
The soldier reports. Germany, April 30; Austria, May 23 (pagg. 244-245)
The soldier reports. Dusseldorf, Germany (pag. 245)
H. L. (Merchant Seaman). The soldier reports. Salonika, Greece (pagg. 245-246)
The soldier reports. Philippine Islands (pag. 246)
Steig, Arthur. Popular Culture. Jazz, clock & song of our anxiety (pagg. 246-247)
Calhoun, Francy. It happened in the U.S.A.. Some footnotes on a news item (pagg. 248-249)
Macdonald, Dwight. Books. A social history of the american family: from colonial times to the present (pag. 250)
Orlansky, Harold. Books. A note on anti-semitism among negroes (pagg. 250-252)
Serge, Victor. The intelligence office. "The responsability of peoples" (pag. 252)
The intelligence office (pagg. 252-253)
Comment (pagg. 253-256)
Contributors (pag. 256)

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