Politics (January 1946)

Cover (p. 1)
Redman, Ben Ray. The story of John Mann (pp. 1-3)
The last days of Berlin - two letters from survivors (p. 4-7)
Mann, Georg. Morality at Nurnberg (p. 8)
Wolfe, Bertram D .. A note on Soviet place-names (pp. 8-9)
Landen, Melrick T .. The new five-hours war (p. 9)
Constas, Helen. roads in New Politics (2). A marxian critique of ideology (pp. 10-15)
Votaw, Albert. roads in New Politics (2). Toward a Personalist socialist philosophy (pp. 15-17)
Calhoun, Don. roads in New Politics (2). Non-violence and revolution (pp. 17-21)
Peck, James. roads in New Politics (2). A note on direct action (pp. 21-22)
The soldier reports. Karachi, India; Okinawa; Naples, Italy (pp. 23-24)
Swados, Harvey. Tragedy in Trieste (pp. 24-25)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnonsense (pp. 25-27)
Chiaromonte, Nicholas. PJ Proudhon - an uncomfortable thinker (pp. 27-29)
Macdonald, Dwight. Politicking (pp. 29-31)
The intelligence office. Hanford - Fact vs. fiction; with a reply by Virgil Vogel (pp. 31-32)
Notes on contributors (page 20).

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