E02: Fascism and Masculinity

The 12 Rules for What podcast are joined by Amy from Feminist Anti-Fascists to discuss fascism and masculinity.

Submitted by 12rulesforwhat on June 19, 2019


Fascism has a deep relationship with masculinity. Arguably, fascism arose as an attempt to shore up traditional masculinity against the ‘slimy mire of bourgeois life’. From the creation of a ‘fascist new man’ in Italy to the misogyny of the contemporary trad movements and pick up artists, these more widespread cultural movements make fertile ground for the fascist movements which follow them. We speak with Amy from the Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly to discuss their response to fascist masculinity and the centrality of feminism to anti-fascist work.

Plan C - Feminist Antifascism
A clear and impassioned statement on the importance of placing feminism at the heart of anti-fascist work

Klaus Theweleit - Male Fantasies
An exhilarating experimental book dealing with the rise of the Freikorps movement in German after WWI

Hypergamy: How the harebrained notions of white nationalist F. Roger Devlin took the Manosphere by storm
Introduces a foundational text of contemporary misogyny, written by white supremacist F. Roger Devlin