2nd Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: This Will Not Stop

A communique from the Chilean revolt of 2019, translated by Ediciones Inéditas and taken from an archived version of the defunct EI website.

Submitted by R Totale on January 11, 2020

Another communiqué from Chile sent to us by comrades there on Oct. 30th, 2019.

We’ve heard it repeated like a mantra: “We have to return to normality.” But their damn normality is the normality of a slow death. When the State is incarcerating us or shooting at us; regulating the way the rich poison the valleys, dry the rivers, destroy the seabed, clear-cut the forests, torture animals, etc. The system of exploitation which we rise up against also exploits the natural world!

It is only through a long process of being dumbed-down that we fail to perceive as madness that global devastation can somehow “matter less” than the priority given to monetary gains.
Our struggle is against the economy which the State traffics in. Against the economy which floods the markets with vegetables uprooted out of the earth with pesticides; meats filled with antibiotics which come from animals martyred in agricultural camps; against the economy which furthers the desertification of Chile with industrial agriculture; against the economy which shouts at us to COMPETE OR DIE!

They say we need money to learn; so that we can stay healthy, so that we can feed ourselves… Money is like the blood of the social body which circulates the oxygen of commodities. But this is only so because private property has dispossessed us of everything and we must atone for our existence with work.

If we don’t find a way out of this economic reality and create a human one, we will then allow for a return of the barbarism of the market, which we are now rising up against, to continue existing.
Money is a fiction! We can live without it!

We are savoring the abundance of life in the streets within the solidarity which appears at every moment of the struggle; everything is within our reach if we decide to take it. The dignity which we demand, which is the emancipation from the dictatorship of money, can only be realized by us and for us!1
To take back our existence we don’t need more theory than that of immediate practice!

  • 1Note: the comrades here make use of the gender neutral suffix -x, nostotrxs