3rd Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: From the battle front, we still stand!

A communique from the Chilean revolt of 2019, translated by Ediciones Inéditas and taken from an archived copy of the defunct EI site.

Submitted by R Totale on January 11, 2020

A third communiqué from Chile sent to us by comrades there, late on Oct. 30th, 2019. We reproduce these texts so that their content can inspire us in places either in revolt, or still on the cusp of it. The initial text before the line break was included in the email which is not included on the original .pdf or .pngs. The following is our translation.


Today, Wednesday, the 30th we drafted up the following call for a spontaneous assembly in Plaza Italia [Santiago, Chile] at 5:30PM, before the State started its repression.

May this replicate itself across all plazas in Chile.

Resistance is fertile!

– Evade Chile 2019

Music, theater, dance, open talks, spontaneous & planned assemblies, workshops, expositions, exchange & giveaway of food, books, clothes, free kitchens, pichangas1

The Decisive Moment!

Hermanxs2 , we have a right to defend ourselves!

Until recently this system of exploitation has survived only because the majority of us were apathetic, and wanting to avoid problems, we cooperated [with this system] so that we could get by.

But during these last few days of insurrection, which has pushed us to shake of this feeling of powerlessness, as well as the obligation to work and consume carrying us to our death. If this moment has shown us something, it is the enormous creative potential, which breaks through without reservation, when we stop serving the god of money. We have the opportunity to make this moment eternal.

Akin to an abusive relationship, the politicians and their entourage of experts have promised us that now they are going to listen to us, that now things are going to change. Let them be consumed in their lonely funeral debates on how to respond to our impulse towards life.

As they lose themselves drafting action protocols, bills, petitions, executive priorities and agendas, we move forward in the practical destruction of the old world by creating our own forms of education, our own networks of mutual aid, our own sources of energy, our own methods to revitalize the earth, etc.

The new social organization built on our desires, passions and dreams does not fit into their “new social pact.” Only we can, day by day, create the conditions for the liberation, development & practical realization of this new social organization. If this is the direction we take, then no weapons can stop us!

Our happiness is fed by what is living. We will never relent on our desires now that we have tasted our creative potential.

  • 1Pichangas in Chile refers to football games with less or different rules
  • 2untranslatable word using the gender-neutral -x which would denote brothers,sisters without gender, akin to siblings