14. Appendix 2: The Services Group


This was a group of construction companies within the Economic League. These companies paid a higher subscription to subsidise League employees who specifically look after the construction Industry. The personnel officers of these companies notified the League of any employees, or sub-contractors, who are regarded as "troublemakers".

A Monk & Co

Alfred McAlpine

AMEC Amey Roadstone

Balfour Beatty

Costain UK

D T Bullock

Edmund Nutall

Flour (GB)

French Kier (Const)

G Percy Trentham

Geoffrey Osborne

George Wimpey

Harry Neal

James Longley & Co

John Laing

John Wittshier Group

John Wilmott Group

Kyle Stewart

M J Gleeson Group

Marples International Holdings

Matthew Hall Electrical & Mechanical

McCarthy & Stone

Miller Construction

Nico Construction

Norwest Holst

RM Douglas

Rush & Tomkins Group

Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons

Tarmac Tellings

Taylor Woodrow

Tilbury Contracting Group

Trafalgar House

Turriff Corp.

Tyson (Contractors)

Walter Lawrence

Walter Llewellyn & Sons

Y J Lovell Holdings