Solidarity with the revolt in Colombia: Down with State genocide

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Submitted by Guerre de Classe on June 20, 2021

Colombia is since some days the scene of a proletarian revolt with characteristics similar to the one that shook the Chilean region during the days of October/November 2019. The continuation of the cycle of struggle opened by the revolts in Ecuador and Chile is a symptom that capital, in its post-pandemic restructuring, is facing a crisis of historic dimension.

The impulse that drove the multitudes to the streets is a tax reform (income tax and VAT), which the proletariat in Colombia understood, in a clear-sighted practical criticism, as a way of directing the cost of the catastrophe towards the population.

The crisis of capital, which the pandemic has only accelerated, is a process that manifests itself in various forms, tax reforms being one of them, in addition to the accelerated and widespread destruction of nature and the expulsion of large masses of wage-laborers out of the production process – with the creation of a disposable population for capital – and its aftermath embodied in migratory waves and a growing organized crime fed by misery, among other manifestations that will become more and more common. In this sense, it is a priority to understand that any attempt at reform is only a mechanism to eternalize this genuine zombie that is capital, perpetuating the fetishist social relation, superposing the production of value over human needs, in short, destroying everything in its path on the altar of capital.

The response of the Colombian State – as that of the Chilean State and all the States in the world – cannot but be bloody repression against our brothers and sisters: at the time of writing these words of solidarity there are already more than 20 dead, many comrades imprisoned and wounded, as well as immigrants deported because they actively participated to the protests.

Cali, one of Colombia’s largest cities, has been militarized on April 30th. 3,000 policemen have been deployed: a real déjà vu of October 19th in Santiago de Chile. The problem is not only Iván Duque, it is the commodity production system, which has shown itself as it is, evidencing that the true face of democracy is nothing but the form assumed by capital to impose its domination, criminalizing those who struggle for the liberation from this nefarious form of social relation, and making them feel all its brutality.

The need to articulate the struggle at the international level, to consider it against all the separations imposed on us as a humanity with genocidal irrationality, is a reality that explodes in our hands: it is urgent to build links of mutual aid and continue the struggle in the territories to overcome this world. The movement of capital will only continue to produce misery and faced with this, the class struggle is raging and will continue to set their world on fire, in different times and spaces as a product of this movement: only the proletariat is able to stop this nonsense that this world has become.

Only the international communist revolution will set us free!

Source in Spanish:
English translation: Los Amigos de la Guerra de Clases