Northern Anarchists: Educate, Agitate, Organise!

Submitted by R Totale on June 23, 2021

Over the last number of months, anarchist activity and interest in anarchism generally has increased. This can be seen by anarchist visibility generally, such as participation at public events as the streets begin to open up a bit more due to the pandemic. For ourselves, we have witnessed growth, contact and communication from anarchists in other areas. The distribution of Barricade Bulletin has helped encourage that visibility and this is something we feel needs to continue.

Anarchists in smaller towns or villages have been encouraged by seeing other anarchists mobilise, and not just on social media. Anarchists in Strabane have been active in distributing Barricade Bulletin and anarchist info, and attending the recent solidarity action against Dalradian’s Toxic Gold Mining efforts.

In Monaghan, anarchists have been active this past year, especially after the murder of George Floyd, helping to organise a Black Lives Matter/ anti-DP solidarity demonstration in Monaghan to which the town responded very positively. Anarchists have also been active organising for solidarity for Palestine as well as reaching out to other anarchists around Ulster.

We have also received solidarity from anarchists in Sligo, Newry and Donegal who have reached out where they live since our last issue.

There is of course Belfast Anarchists who have been active around issues such as IWW ‘Wage Theft’ campaign, rents and social housing and ongoing antifascist work. Full report from on Belfast anarchist activity HERE.

Since then, our own mutual consensus following this ongoing wave of local activity by northern anarchists has been to further promote solidarity and networking together in anyway we can: If we don’t do it for ourselves, no one will!

The possibility of creating an informal network of anarchists was one such way that could assist or encourage more informal links, to help build and promote anarchism from:

Sharing and promoting news, publications and solidarity actions on anarchism locally and internationally.

Promoting and sharing anarchist propaganda and educational items and creating more talks/discussions on Anarchism.

Creating ways to provide easy access to relevant anarchist propaganda and educational material.

Another issue was the need for anarchists to be more visible at pickets, protests, demos or wherever possible etc and encouraging solidarity with others to work together to fulfill these ends where possible.

If you or your group would like to be added to this growing list of activism, suggestions or better still become part of such an informal network, then drop us a line at: [email protected]