The Rebel Worker #6 (1966)

Rebel Worker #6 cover

An issue of the Industrial Workers of the World cultural journal published by Charles Radcliffe with Franklin and Penelope Rosemont in England.


  • IWW Preamble
  • Freedom -- The Only Cause Worth Serving (Collective Preface)
  • A Very Nice, Very Respectable, Very Useless Campaign - Charles Radcliffe
  • Souvenirs of the Future - Franklin Rosemont
  • Humor or not, or less, or else! - Penelope Rosemont
  • Consciousness at the Service of Desire - Pierre Mabille
  • The Haunted Mirror (Surrealist text) - Franklin and Penelope Rosemont
  • Crime Against the Bourgeoisie - Ben Covington (Charles Radcliffe)
  • I am not Angry; I am Enraged! - Archie Shepp
  • Money - Karl Marx
  • I Hate the Poor - Kenneth Patchen
  • Letter from Chicago (Excerpts) - Bernard Marszalek
  • Lobster - Benjamin Peret
  • Solidarity Bookshop (Revolutionary Literature)
  • Secrets

PDF courtesy of Sabine Press.

Charles Radcliffe, one of the editors of this this issue, went on to publish two issues of Heatwave magazine in the same year.