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Kier staff ballot for strike action plasmatelly 6 years 10 weeks ago plasmatelly
Gas blowout on Total’s Elgin field: letter from a North Sea oil worker to Reclaim the Power Gabriel Levy 6 years 9 weeks ago Gabriel Levy
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Keeping the Powder Dry (for now!) - Struggles with Kier the Blacklister plasmatelly 6 years 7 weeks ago plasmatelly
Georgia inmates beaten with hammers during 2010 prisoners' strike - new video released Ramona 6 years 7 weeks ago Ramona
Aleksey “Raskhod” Raskhodchikov, anarchist, antifascist and musician beaten and arrested S2W 6 years 7 weeks ago S2W
Cops raid home of leading Roma/Traveller activist Entdinglichung 6 years 5 weeks ago Entdinglichung
Belarusian anarchist political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich released S2W 6 years 5 weeks ago S2W
Abahlali baseMjondolo organise march of thousands in Durban in protest at repression red jack 6 years 4 weeks ago red jack
Airstrikes threat on Syria! Third world war? No war but the class war! Guerre de Classe 6 years 3 weeks ago Guerre de Classe
Russian demonstrator sent for psychiatric "treatment" Gabriel Levy 6 years 1 week ago Gabriel Levy
Lampedusa-in-Hamburg refugee protests escalate: An update on recent weeks of protest mi-go 5 years 51 weeks ago mi-go
Varshavsky Warehouse Squat Case: St Petersburg Anarchist Black Cross statement on criminal charges against Denis Levkin S2W 5 years 47 weeks ago S2W
Renewed protests in India after gang rape victim dies Soapy 5 years 46 weeks ago Soapy
Sheffield strikes back, occupy tallest university building in the UK working class s... 5 years 45 weeks ago working class s...
A Call for Solidarity with the Avtonom-journal, several issues of which are now banned in Russia! S2W 5 years 45 weeks ago S2W
"Roza is a leader: that's why they jailed her" Gabriel Levy 5 years 45 weeks ago Gabriel Levy
Abahlali: We were promised homes for all, not just for ANC party members Steven. 5 years 45 weeks ago Steven.
Nicaragua: the Sandinistas repress the struggle of the pensioners Alf 5 years 43 weeks ago Alf
Into the shadows: Britain’s dirty war in Ireland - Sean Matthews Maloney 5 years 42 weeks ago Maloney
Moscow anti-fascists amnestied S2W 5 years 39 weeks ago S2W
Russia: interview with anarchist prisoners from the "Bolotnaya Case" S2W 5 years 37 weeks ago S2W
Ukrainian anarchist statement on the government's new anti-protest laws Steven. 5 years 37 weeks ago Steven.
How anti-immigrant myths serve the bosses Steven. 5 years 37 weeks ago Steven.