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Which countries had their revolutions sabotaged by USSR's "socialism in one country" policy? ultraviolet 9 7 years 48 weeks ago Entdinglichung
i'm not a sociopath ultraviolet 9 7 years 36 weeks ago Standfield
Baboon ruling class dies. Peace results. ultraviolet 7 years 35 weeks ago ultraviolet
What tendencies in capitalism block "cradle to cradle" product design? ultraviolet 18 7 years 12 weeks ago fingers malone
Was there ever a right-wing coup motivated by the reforms made by a social-democrat government? ultraviolet 12 7 years 30 weeks ago ultraviolet
Do peasants really need to collectivize during a revolution? ultraviolet 18 7 years 30 weeks ago ultraviolet
Why did Friends of Durruti want to centralize propaganda and international relations? ultraviolet 12 7 years 29 weeks ago syndicalistcat
atheists - do you believe we have free will? evidence? ultraviolet 62 7 years 15 weeks ago Rb0404
What exactly does it mean to "Smash the State"? ultraviolet 37 7 years 24 weeks ago Noah Fence
Oh sh*t! Just realized Friends of Durruti proposed a Semi-State! ultraviolet 49 7 years 26 weeks ago Auld-bod
"I'm not an anarcho-insurrectionist, but..." (Or: Maybe smashing windows is a good idea?) ultraviolet 19 7 years 24 weeks ago Tyrion
Thought I knew the difference between Popular Front & United Front... Now confused ultraviolet 14 7 years 26 weeks ago ultraviolet
Are anarchists advocates of federalism or confederalism? ultraviolet 16 7 years 25 weeks ago ultraviolet
SolNets, rank-and-file groups, etc. - seem like unions to me! ultraviolet 27 7 years 23 weeks ago syndicalist
Animals, being vegan, etc. ultraviolet 358 1 year 47 weeks ago Noah Fence
A Heartfelt Seasons Greetings from a Long Gone Comrade Who Sincerely Wishes You All Well ultraviolet 102 5 years 3 weeks ago Steven.
As I write this: Webby aka Noah Fence is in surgery getting his new liver ultraviolet 120 1 year 7 weeks ago Sike
Awaiting reply from an admin ultraviolet 2 years 7 weeks ago ultraviolet
Thousands of junior doctors strike across Punjab umarbajwa 3 years 23 weeks ago umarbajwa
Student strikes at major universities in Pakistan meet state repression umarbajwa 3 years 11 weeks ago umarbajwa
Pakistan: The struggles of workers making footballs for the FIFA World Cup umarbajwa 2 years 30 weeks ago umarbajwa
Solidarity networks working together Uncle Aunty 2 9 years 17 weeks ago blarg
Seattle Solidarity Network Demand Delivery video March 2012 Uncle Aunty 20 8 years 20 weeks ago Uncle Aunty
Good introductory radical articles and books in Spanish? Uncle Aunty 2 8 years 20 weeks ago Uncle Aunty
Probably moving from Seattle to Melbourne in a few months Uncle Aunty 23 7 years 31 weeks ago woooo