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Review: RETURN - the case against zionism/ zionism and jewish identity libcom 14 years 6 weeks ago libcom
The Future At Our Backs: Autonomia and Autonomous Social Movements in 1970s Italy libcom 14 years 6 weeks ago libcom
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নিরাজ সমাজঃ আসলে কি চায় ? ( ষষ্ঠ পর্ব) akmshihab 1 year 35 weeks ago akmshihab
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Moscow anti-fascists amnestied S2W 5 years 46 weeks ago S2W
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#ACCELERATE: The Accelerationist Reader Craftwork 2 years 47 weeks ago Craftwork
'Dole autonomy and work re-imposition': an epilogue Joseph Kay 12 years 44 weeks ago Joseph Kay
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'Precariat' workers are starting to fight for a little stability syndicalist 6 12 years 24 weeks ago sphinx
15 face charges over murder probe Jason Cortez 1 10 years 40 weeks ago martinh
23 day long occupation of major power-plant in northern Greece ends in police repression fleshmachine-zine 11 years 27 weeks ago fleshmachine-zine
25th Anniversary of the Hormel Strike syndicalist 1 9 years 16 weeks ago fnbrill
6th Form/FE Colleges pay award? Spikymike 2 4 weeks 2 days ago R Totale
7th Annual ‘Red November, Black November’ a success! Juan Conatz 5 years 1 week ago Juan Conatz
a bicycle ride to celebrate consuming less and cycling/having fun more! nes 6 13 years 3 weeks ago nes
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A Companion to David Harvey's Companion to Marx's Capital, Chapter 1 - Critisticuffs Craftwork 2 2 years 51 weeks ago Craftwork
A Comparative Review of Flat Earth News and Newspeak Jason Cortez 2 7 years 10 weeks ago wojtek
A debate between John Holloway and Alex Callinicos: “Can we change the world without taking power?” World Social Forum, Porto Alegre Django 8 years 31 weeks ago Django
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A Himalayan Red Herring? Maoist Revolution in the Shadow of the Legacy Raj - Saubhagya Shah Red Marriott 9 years 14 weeks ago Red Marriott
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