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Why do we assume the labour movement is the vehicle to strive for socialism? BloodDiamond 20 2 years 48 weeks ago Mike Harman
Why do we lose with the unions? Ed 278 10 years 15 weeks ago ernie
Why do you consider some capitalists (i.e. tea partiers and such) to be racist? Snuggle Bear 12 9 years 45 weeks ago Tojiah
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Why doesn't join the AF? Beltov 14 15 years 33 weeks ago knightrose
Why don't *more* people vote BNP? Steven. 24 16 years 31 weeks ago Ed
Why don't Anarchists buy an Island, or giant plot of land? DocumentaryKing 139 7 years 26 weeks ago Mike S.
Why don't anarchists vote? Devrim 125 13 years 33 weeks ago Alf
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Why Egoism/Altruism? Kirby 9 13 years 40 weeks ago Antieverything
Why ex-Kings are a Danger martinh 14 years 46 weeks ago martinh
Why fight for 'better' conditions rather than fight for the freedom to create whatever 'conditions' we want? Malva 75 9 years 8 weeks ago blimeybruv
Why Governments Have Always Been Mob Rule... globefront 9 years 51 weeks ago globefront
Why hasn't there been a revolution in Britain? Zonder Vlees 7 10 years 11 weeks ago baboon