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"I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong." - RIP Ali gram negative 18 4 years 3 weeks ago Entdinglichung
"I am not a man or a woman, I am a transexual" - Jamrat Mason speaks at Hackney Pride, 2010 Yorkie Bar 9 years 43 weeks ago Yorkie Bar
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"I work beside my shit. I eat beside my shit.": impressions from the dockworkers strike in Hong Kong Juan Conatz 4 7 years 3 weeks ago MonsieurPlume
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"I'm not an anarcho-insurrectionist, but..." (Or: Maybe smashing windows is a good idea?) ultraviolet 19 6 years 47 weeks ago Tyrion
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"Ideas Magazine" - Romanian anarchist publication, 1900-1916 Dennis3434 1 6 years 49 weeks ago mv
"If Gezi never happened, the anger at mass murder at Soma could not have burst forth from the people" Chilli Sauce 6 11 weeks 3 days ago Synthesis anarc...
"If the Unions are on our side why are there 15,000 riot police between us and them?" Devrim 10 years 7 weeks ago Devrim
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