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"Left Anti-Semitism" and "New Anti-Semitism" Drakula25 14 5 years 48 weeks ago Drakula25
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"Like a candle burning at both ends": Rosa Luxemburg and the critique of political economy - Riccardo Bellofiore Noa Rodman 1 9 years 31 weeks ago jura
"Literature and Art", by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels loveletters 5 years 43 weeks ago loveletters
"Malatesta and Syndicalism" By Emilio López Arango syndicalist 3 years 5 weeks ago syndicalist
"Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media". JimN 10 years 3 weeks ago JimN
"Mapping the IWW" syndicalist 4 4 years 11 weeks ago syndicalist
"Marx's Concept of Intrinsic Value" by Andrew Kliman dave c 1 4 years 43 weeks ago Pennoid
"Marx's Religion of Revolution" - anyone ever read this gem? Railyon 7 8 years 7 weeks ago jesuithitsquad
"Marx: A Vision for Today" - Socialist Day School (London) JimN 8 years 20 weeks ago JimN
"Marxists" on self-ownership and capitalist exploitation. Ethos 24 6 years 48 weeks ago prettykewlguy
"Middle class": masochistic repressive paranoid moralism - humanaesfera Joaos 1 year 50 weeks ago Joaos
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"Mixed economy" Agent of the In... 4 6 years 15 weeks ago boozemonarchy
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