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"If we tax the rich they will all leave the country." spaceman spiff 16 8 years 6 weeks ago fabian
"If you can't buy food, people will just start helping themselves. It'll be anarchy. I'm serious!" - Gordon Brown Oct. 2008 tony blair 32 6 years 33 weeks ago vicent
"In the street for social strike," Montreal, night 110 Cindy Milstein 1 7 years 46 weeks ago Juan Conatz
"Inflation - Is it over-hyped?" (Glasgow) JimN 9 years 39 weeks ago JimN
"International Community" Awesome Dude 5 8 years 24 weeks ago CamelBlip
"Is it OK to be patriotic again?" (Manchester) JimN 9 years 2 weeks ago JimN
"Is your washroom breeding bolsheviks?" poster Toms 4 years 30 weeks ago Toms
"It somewhat gives me vision of what ongoing anarchist-communist society would look like" meerov21 13 1 year 19 weeks ago meerov21
"It was 30 years ago, but I felt the same way the rioters did" - Tony Evans flaneur 7 years 10 weeks ago flaneur
"It will ignite again": Strike at large shoe-factories in Dongguan, China Nao 5 6 years 3 weeks ago Ablokeimet
"It’s the little grains of sand which jam the machine" alibi 14 years 14 weeks ago alibi
"Je ne suis pas marxiste" - Michael Heinrich Angelus Novus 5 5 years 7 weeks ago Jara Handala
"Job Quality and Black Workers: An Examination of the SF Bay Area, LA, Chicago, and NYC" syndicalist 12 years 43 weeks ago syndicalist
"Join the banana club": Memories of the Brambles Farm Peace Camp, 1982 Wellclose Square 19 8 years 25 weeks ago Wellclose Square
"Lazy" Persons TheodoreJ 32 6 years 31 weeks ago TheodoreJ
"Leave it to the professionals": on paid union organisers Steven. 25 5 years 38 weeks ago kevin s.
"Left Anti-Semitism" and "New Anti-Semitism" Drakula25 14 6 years 19 weeks ago Drakula25
"Let's make everything Free!" (West London) JimN 9 years 3 weeks ago JimN
"Let's organize relief activities for the affected area by workers' unity and solidarity! Stop all nuclear plants immediately!" Entdinglichung 9 years 16 weeks ago Entdinglichung
"Letter to Socrat" Load 5 years 42 weeks ago Load
"liberating" vicent 8 6 years 51 weeks ago ultraviolet
"Like a candle burning at both ends": Rosa Luxemburg and the critique of political economy - Riccardo Bellofiore Noa Rodman 1 10 years 1 week ago jura
"Literature and Art", by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels loveletters 6 years 13 weeks ago loveletters
"Malatesta and Syndicalism" By Emilio López Arango syndicalist 3 years 28 weeks ago syndicalist
"Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media". JimN 10 years 26 weeks ago JimN