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Where’s the Winter Palace? On the Marxist-Leninist Trend in the United States Mike Harman 2 years 43 weeks ago Mike Harman
Whether they ‘pay their debts’ or not, the employers and all the bourgeois states of Europe are moving onto the attack against t Communist Left 1 8 years 43 weeks ago ocelot
which 'left wing' tendency do you hate the most? Pepe 20 14 years 46 weeks ago Lazlo_Woodbine
Which countries had their revolutions sabotaged by USSR's "socialism in one country" policy? ultraviolet 9 7 years 47 weeks ago Entdinglichung
Which country do you live in? Steven. 13 years 20 weeks ago Steven.
which do u like best? anna_key 45 15 years 51 weeks ago Refused
Which do you prefer? Agent of the In... 7 8 years 9 weeks ago jonthom
Which Groups Are (or Are Not) Allowed to Vote in Councils During a Revolution? ultraviolet 19 9 years 8 weeks ago ultraviolet
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Which is shitter? Fall Back 40 15 years 8 weeks ago Steve
Which is the best regional forum? Steven. 26 15 years 35 weeks ago Caiman del Barrio
Which is the most pathetic demonstration? gav 7 14 years 51 weeks ago PaulMarsh