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Why are Anarchists and Libertarians divided over Rojava? zaher 14 6 years 13 weeks ago bob mcglynn
Does Anarchist Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan, Bashur, exist? zaher 5 years 24 weeks ago zaher
What can we learn from the recent protests? zaher 2 years 2 weeks ago zaher
The Experiments of Rojava and Northern Kurdistan (Turkey) for launching the social revolution left no doubt it has to start from building the local groups zaher 6 years 43 weeks ago zaher
Is the current economic crisis capitalism crisis or ours? zaher 9 6 years 1 week ago bob mcglynn
Is Terrorism actually a threat to the State? zaher 6 years 6 days ago zaher
Our attitude towards Rojava must be critical solidarity zaher 17 5 years 36 weeks ago cicatriz
Erdogan policies have played a major role in the Region zaher 5 years 20 weeks ago zaher
In retaking Mosul YPG/J and the Guerrillas must be aware of the hidden agenda zaher 5 years 17 weeks ago zaher
Leftists and Communists have damaged the Socialist movement as much as the right-wing did zaher 1 5 years 8 weeks ago Spikymike
Where the revolution is more likely to happen, in developed or nondeveloping countries? zaher 4 years 50 weeks ago zaher
We, supporters of Rojava, should be worried about its partnership with the United States. zaher 22 4 years 15 weeks ago propofread
Our struggle must goes beyond what our lifestyle demands zaher 4 years 22 weeks ago zaher
Is the working class revolutionary? zaher 2 4 years 13 weeks ago Spikymike
The Kurdish people should get involved in and support campaigns on local and national issues zaher 1 3 years 51 weeks ago
Where is the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) heading? zaher 1 3 years 47 weeks ago AndrewF
Confederalism, Democratic Confederalism and Rojava zaher 1 3 years 40 weeks ago bastarx
Afrin and the Policies of the Democratic Union Party zaher 1 3 years 34 weeks ago Spikymike
President Erdogan is as dangerous as President Trump zaher 3 years 26 weeks ago zaher
Mass protest in central and southern Iraq zaher 9 3 years 12 weeks ago Blesk
The battle of Idlib Province in Syria is decisive and crucial for the future of Rojava zaher 3 years 12 weeks ago zaher
The Protests in Basra, southern Iraq zaher 1 3 years 12 weeks ago Nymphalis Antiopa
The people’s movement desperately needs working class solidarity zaher 2 years 47 weeks ago zaher
Either it’s the people’s revolution or no revolution. zaher 2 2 years 30 weeks ago BigFluffyTail
PKK can seize this opportunity before President Erdogan grab it zaher 2 years 29 weeks ago zaher