Document of the Madrid meeting of 19 January 2008 of the Europe-Maghreb Coordination

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Document of the Madrid meeting of 19 January 2008 of the Europe-Maghreb Coordination

1. International day of struggle against unemployment and precarity on 16 May. The Moroccan association ANDCM will produce a concrete proposal for this.

2. Prepare a day of struggle to be held in the autumn against the European Union's social and economic policies.

3. Continue the campaign for the release of the 1 May prisoners in Morocco. ---- Propose that INSAD determine a date.

4. Produce a regular quarterly electronic bulletin.

5. Joint statement for 8 March. Arrange a series of women's events: ---- education session for female syndicalists, organized by the womens' committee of the Union Marocaine du Travail's agricultural sector (July to December 2008); * womens' meeting in August 2008, organized by the French CNT in the southof France.

6. Issue a statement in support of the strike in the Algerian pubic sector on 10, 11, 12 February with a sit-in on 12 February at the government offices,called by seven autonomous trade unions.

7. Work to develop a series of union conferences for various sectors.

8. Issue a joint statement for the G8 summit in Japan.

9. Demonstration and rally against Sarkozy's Mediterranean Summit on 5 July inParis.

Next coordination meeting: 6 July in Paris, to be organized by CNT, SUD-Rail, SUD-Education and SUD-étudiants.


Spain: CGT
France: CNT-f, SUD Education, SUD Étudiants, SUD Rail
Italy: CUB, USI
Morocco: Comité Syndical de la Voie Démocratique
Algeria: SNAPAP, Collectif de femmes ¨Printemps Noir¨(Kabylie)

The participation of the ANDCM is pending.


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(pt) Documento da reunião de Madrid de 19 de Janeiro da Coordenação