Namibia: All Hiring for Iraq Halted

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David in Atlanta
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Oct 17 2007 18:56
Namibia: All Hiring for Iraq Halted

Brigitte Weidlich

A Namibian labour hire company, which processed the applications of Namibian ex-combatants who wanted to become 'security' guards in Iraq and Afghanistan, has stopped the process.

The move comes after Government deported two US citizens over the weekend and closed down the Namibian branch of Special Operations Consulting - Security Management Group (SOC-SMG).

Government's action sparked international headlines.

"Africa Personnel Services will do no more recruitment on behalf of SOC-SMG Namibia", AFP said Monday.

"We were asked to assist in certain ways and the assurance was given by the client (SOC-SMG) that the Namibian Government was satisfied with all the operations of that company."

Government announced on Friday that it was closing the outfit and deporting its two bosses, Paul Grimes and Frederic Piry.