“Anarchist fascists”

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Oct 20 2008 14:56
“Anarchist fascists”

Just seen this slightly old story on the BNP website.

Who are those cockney anarcho-fascists we wonder?

And why have the BNP used that ol’ Stalinist amalgam technique? Stalinoid-fascists perhaps?

http://www.bnp [link brokern] .org.uk/category/regional-news/london/

Jason Cortez
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Oct 20 2008 15:02

Break the link

Jason Cortez
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Oct 20 2008 15:11

In an attempt to distance themsleves from having the label applied to their politics. As there very keen not to be directly associated with Fascism.

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Oct 29 2010 22:23

In keeping with the current mood regarding the anarchist movement on the whole and speaking up for the Anarchist Federation as it stands there is plenty to get excited about. The movement is growing. The class struggle comes under quite an impression but that does not mean it goes to waste. Resistance delivers promptly by reporting events of this kind and Organise! contains the deeper facts, which is, to be honest, a good balance with it.

Insofar as the reputation of the AF has come under fire in recent times, it is the type of phenomenon that really testifies how the domineering acceptance of some individualist tendancies have given the vanguard appeal. This is why the AF is worth joining. It may not be so attractive but their methods of dealing with it are muddled, grasping, shy, scatty, nihilistic and haughty. How are you going to be surpised by such attacks? It is not possible to work with these people, who, once they gained a hold on the movement, used it to promote their reactionary sentiments, which were permeated by radical ideas that contained their unity, where they set up their stall. For anarchists there is enough to be doing to deal with the SWP...

For Anarchist-Communism

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Chilli Sauce
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Oct 31 2010 19:34

There was that anarchy dot net from a while back as well: http://libcom.org/forums/thought/anarchist-fascist-website-13032008