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Oct 18 2011 17:29
AF meetings at Bookfair

We will have 4 stalls at this year's bookfair including one devoted to the library of the AF The Sparrows Nest. Come and meet the AF!
In addition we have 3 meetings:
1.00pm to 2.00pm
From the Paris Commune to Saint-Imier
The Paris Commune of 1871 inspired revolutionaries everywhere. When it was defeated, tens of thousands of communards were murdered, imprisoned or deported. The events of ‘Bloody Week’ (May 21st to 28th) traumatised anarchists and drove some to the despair of assassination and bomb-throwing. Others regrouped in August the following year at Saint-Imier, Switzerland, with comrades disaffected from the by-then authoritarian sham that was Marx’s International. They established structures and founding principles at the roots of modern class-struggle anarchist organisation. This meeting builds for what will be the 140th anniversary of that congress: 9th-12th August 2012, in Saint-Imier itself.
Organised by: Anarchist Federation
2.00pm to 3.00pm
UK Youth Rebellion
Since the last Bookfair, things look very different in terms of youth struggles. Anarchists had already been commenting on the increase in state and media marginalisation of young people; being young in itself seemed to be a crime. Since then, youth have been fighting back and demanding respect and to have a voice. But do Millbank, Black Bloc and the recent riots present different faces of youth rebellion? This meeting explores why and how young people are fighting back, and how anarchists figure within this
5.00pm to 6.00pm
Anarchism, Feminism, Prostitution and Sex Work
Two years ago, this book fair hosted a panel on sex work that many felt failed to present an anarchist perspective. We believe that anarcha-feminist critiques of work, of legislation and of trade union structures have the potential to move forward the entrenched debate between those either advocating for the sex industry or fighting stigma and those calling for its abolition through state legislation. The meeting will try to open discussion on ways forward for grass roots organising, by prostitutes and sex workers, against their control by the state, the sex industry and the market.
As well as
4.00pm to 5.00pm
Why do we call ourselves Class Struggle Anarchists?
In some anarchist circles the term “class struggle” is seen as outdated and boring. “Oh, you are so old fashioned” or “we don’t like to divide ourselves with terms like class struggle” are just a couple of quotes from people who don’t understand or accept the definition. Are they scared of the words, or do they just not understand what is meant by it? Is the reaction a class or cultural thing? Members of Anarchist Federation, IWW and ALARM will explain what we mean by “class struggle”, why it is still important in today’s society and then open up the debate with those present.
Organised by: London Anarchist Bookfair Collective

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Oct 18 2011 22:33

class struggle anarchism one looks fun!

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Nov 5 2011 16:13

Could the AF Website admins get an early ad in their own main site and AF-North site for the Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair on Dec 3rd?