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Fall Back
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Mar 15 2009 21:52
AF website

When did it change?

Apart from a slight colour overload, I really, really like it. Especially good that you've moved beyond a cliche red and black colour scheme - hope Sol Fed can take that on as well!

What software are you using for it? Is it Joomla?

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Mar 15 2009 22:30

I'd guess it was today - you are the first to mention it. Not even a post on our internal list.

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Mar 16 2009 08:26

There has been redesign work on it going on for a while.

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Mar 16 2009 10:44

Yeah, I quite like it too. Much easier to navigate than the old one!

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Mar 16 2009 12:04

Hi. Yes it's Joomla, with rockettheme skin. Glad you like it and good to know the navigation is user-friendly. Still working on some of the layouts (and use of colour!). We had already created a blog as a CMS in parallel with static site as a stop-gap but now it's fully integrated. Blog content will soon be ported, and all AF pamphlets, but most older content will remain as links to static pages.

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Mar 16 2009 17:01

It's quite a collective effort but basically we have one member who is good at choosing and setting up skins & managing the server-side of things (who is not me!) and others who define categories & layout, create graphics, manage content etc. etc. which is not dependant on any one CMS setup. But it's not difficult to get a basic Joomla site up and running: and especially
are useful places for advice.

We have vast amounts of material e.g. Organise! issues in lots of little files, so for now we'll just maintain links to and org/issueX where X is the issue number unless someone is very keen to do the porting. Same for resistance which is just res/resistX.pdf and res/resistX.html

Anyone reading this who doesn't know the URL:
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Mar 19 2009 09:37

Once you get the colours calmed down a little bit, it will look great. Nice work.

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jef costello
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Mar 19 2009 20:57

That's looking really nice.