AFED Resistance bulletin no91 Feb2007 online

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AFED Resistance bulletin no91 Feb2007 online

LATEST ISSUE: Resistance issue 91 Feb 2007 [PDF] - IRAQ: POWER PLAY, Trident nuclear 'debate', Bush & his buddies, ID database changes, Greek occupations and strikes, Russia 1917, plus the usual industrial action reports, prisoner support news and events diary.

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Contents of the February 2007 issue:

*IRAQ: POWER PLAY - violence escalates
*ON THE FRONTLINE - industrial action by postal, health and civil service workers, plus BA cabin crews
*TRIDENT – A “MEANINGFUL DEBATE”? - Blair pushes for British nuclear weapon replacement programme.
*ID CARD UPDATE - 3 databases for less that the price of 1, apparentely.
*CELEBRITY PRATS OF THE MONTH - Bush and his entourage
*GREEKS GET GOING - Greek students occupy, workers go on strike
*TIME BOMB - history of the Russian Revolution of February 1917
*INSIDE INFORMATION - prisoner new and support info: Greece, Phillipines, USA.
*SUBVERT - events in February, plenty of things to do.