AFED's Minimum age?

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Saint Paint
Joined: 10-04-09
Apr 10 2009 11:20
AFED's Minimum age?

Is there a minimum age for joining afed? I believe strongly in afed. and help would be awesome.

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Joined: 10-05-07
Apr 10 2009 16:50

Hey comrade, thanks for showing an interest =).

We don't have a minimum age for membership, but there are certain things we ask potential members to consider before they sign up.

Firstly we insist that all members are aware of and believe fully in our Aims and Principles, these can be found here:

Secondly we are an active federation and welcome activism, we encourage our members to join a local AF group and contribute what they can. This can involve direct action, leafletting, writing articles or whatever you're most comfortable with.

If you're still committed to joining the Anarchit Federation then we will be more than happy to have you, email ( with your name and address and someone will be in touch as soon as possible smile

Ste x

Joined: 8-11-03
Apr 10 2009 16:52

there's no minimum age.
Do you agree with the Aims and Principles, will you work to further the organisation, will you work with us? There are subs to pay as well, but they are very low if you are under 16 (1 pound a year) and also low if you are unwaged.

Drop an email to join[at] leaving your name and address and we'll get back to you quickly and try and put you in touch with a local group.