AK Press have AF publications online

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Sep 3 2012 23:35
AK Press have AF publications online

Here is a reminder to all those who want to order AF publications online you can do so from AK Press (who are based in Scotland for European sales). AK Press are also a well known publisher of excellent anarchist books.

A search on Organise! and/or Anarchist Federation will reveal most of the AF items available.

Latest Organise! magazine no. 78, Summer 2012: http://akuk.com/journals-periodicals/magazines-newspapers/organise-78/pr...

Back issues of Organise! and various pamphlets: http://akuk.com/index.php?searchStr=anarchist+federation&_a=viewCat&Subm...

For subscriptions to Resistance or Organise! (or both), and other pamphlets, these are available by post, see: http://www.af-north.org/?q=Organise+and+Resistance+Subscriptions

You can support AK Press (and other radical book publishers and distributors in Britain) by buying your books from them rather than Amazon. See newly available items at: http://akuk.com/new-items/cat_48.html