December 2008 Resistance out now

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Dec 5 2008 12:08
December 2008 Resistance out now

Featuring anti-ID cards protests, AF on Obama, Education struggles in Italy, Student organising, UK industrial roundup and more.

Available as pdf here:

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Dec 10 2008 11:39

And now to read online at

Contents of the December 2008 / January 2009 issue:

* FINGERED - BIG BROTHER IS HERE - 'ID cards for foreigners' introduced in UK.
* FASH TRASH - BNP members list leaked on internet by disgruntled former member.
* BASTARD OF THE YEAR: JAKE ‘TWO JUMPERS’ ULRICH - Centrica energy boss, our winner for 2008.
* ON THE FRONTLINE - industrial action round-up.
* OBAMA: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE - election victory does not mean liberation.
* RECLAIM THE CAMPUS! - Autonomous Students Network (ASN) founded at anarchist bookfair in London.
* RED HOT IN CHILE - public workers strike over pay.
* IMMIGRANTS FIGHT BACK - mass rally follow killings in Athens.
* ‘WE’RE DESPERATE FOR CASH TO SORT OUT OUR FUCK-UP’ - new government publicity campaign against 'benefit theft'.
* SCHOOL’S OUT! - Italian students and education workers protest against Silvio Berlusconi’s education reforms.
* CAMPUS IS NOT DEAD - further action against arms companies and forces recruitment at universities.

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