Edinburgh Class Struggle Day School

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Nov 14 2011 10:50
Edinburgh Class Struggle Day School

Edinburgh Class Struggle Day School.

Edinburgh Class Struggle Day School.
Pleasance Cabaret Bar
Saturday 3rd December
10.00 – 17.00

The Mexican Revolution. 11:00-12:30

100 years ago, the old regime in Mexico collapsed. What emerged was of a revolutionary movement around the Magonistas, as well as the uprisings in the north led by Pancho Villa and in the south by Emiliano Zapata. The revolutionaries were met with repression, and the revolution was finally defeated and institutionalised.

Speaker from the Anarchist Federation.

Spain 1934-39 - From working class struggle to imperialist war. 13:30-15:00

Spain in the 1930s still stirs those who identify the working class from all kinds of backgrounds. What can we learn from this particular workers' tragedy?

Speaker from the Communist Workers Organisation.

The 1911 Clydeside Singer Strike. 15:30-17:00

In 1911, a strike took place at the Singer Sewing Machine Works, Clydebank. The strike took place during a significant wave of working class militancy. Does this period of unrest still have any relevance today?
Speaker from the Anarchist Federation.

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Nov 14 2011 11:05

Great, this has been advertised on Libcom already. This is the link to the facebook page. Please invite anybody who you think may attend.

Here is info on the event last year, with recordings of the talks.

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Nov 14 2011 14:57

This is gonna be good, are we doing a social afterwards? If not, we should...