Finding a squat in London

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Feb 15 2013 22:02
Finding a squat in London

I will be leaving home in a couple of weeks with very little money and I'm looking for some information on the best way to find a squat. I'm planning on going to London as I will be getting thrown out of my house. Any other general info would be great.

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Mar 15 2015 21:22

Hi all smile

Recently been made homeless, am a 21 year old music student in London. Easy going, good with my hands, previously worked renovating empty houses, happy to help out with anything I can and love cooking!. REALLY REALLY REALLY need help finding somewhere to squat for a couple of months while I finish uni??? Have squatted in Berlin before for a month which was great I loved it!

Send a pm if anybody is able to help

Much Love


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jef costello
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Mar 17 2015 12:49

Chris, I'm guessing that's your real name and university email address, it's not a good idea to put that online for security reasons so it's been deleted.