Glasgow AF meeting - Save Our Schools - Monday 9th March

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Mar 5 2009 01:21
Glasgow AF meeting - Save Our Schools - Monday 9th March

Brief version:
Anarchist Federation Glasgow invite you to find out more about Glasgow City Councils plans to close 25 nurseries and primary schools and to see what we can do to stop them.
The meeting will take place at the Maryhill Community Halls on Monday the 9th of March at 7:30p.m.

Long version:

As many of you will be aware the city council have decided to close 25 schools due to them having the financial acumen of an alcoholic on giro day. The city council have overspent their budget by something like £6,000,000 and have over the last few years pillaged any kind of reserve fund the council coffers may have had.

Despite making such cost cutting measures as selling off our libraries, art galleries, parks and sporting facilities and getting rid of Glasgow social housing they have still managed to spoon our money. Now due to their monumental cock up they are going to make our kids suffer the effects.

There have been lively demonstrations against the proposed closures and all of the schools have campaign groups set up.

This is an issue that affects all of us. Schools and the kids that learn in them define the future of our city and as such we all have a vested interest in making sure they are of the highest quality.

We must react to this direct attack upon us, our communities and our future by organising and by galvanising as much support for the campaign to stop the closures as we can.

As anarchists we have a unique style of organising that empowers those who participate and we have a great tool at our disposal, one that has won may many victories in the past, that tool is direct action. By offering our support to this struggle we not only offer it a greater chance of victory, we offer to empower those people that are involved and in doing so can move one step closer to building a revolutionary consciousness amongst our class.

As anarchists we must get involved in this campaign with all our energy and creativity.

To facilitate this the Glasgow group of the Anarchist Federation are calling for a meeting of all anarchists, libertarian communists, activists and other libertarian leftists.

We invite all to come to the Maryhill Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road (10 mins walk from St George's Cross) this coming Monday the 9th of March at 7:40.

We hope to come away from this meeting a concrete commitment to stopping the council and a coordinated response that will see each individual campaign being supported and assisted in working together.

FYI: the schools that are facing closure are as follows.

* Sighthill Primary

* St Gilbert's Primary

* Barmulloch Primary

* Victoria Primary

* Bellahouston Primary

* Albert Primary

* St Agnes' Primary

* St Aloysius' Primary

* St Gregory's Primary

* Wyndford Primary

* St James' Primary

* Ruchill Primary

* Our Lady of the Assumption Primary

* Shawbridge Nursery

* Kinning Park Nursery

* Merrylee Nursery Class

* Mile End Nursery

* Garscube Nursery

* Craigielea Nursery

* Broompark Day Nursery

* Anderston Nursery Class

* Queen Mary St. Nursery

* Newark Dr. Nursery

* Nithsdale Rd. Nursery

* Pollokshields Nursery Class

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Mar 10 2009 19:41

how did this go? im interested as I used to live up north.

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Mar 12 2009 17:53

I think it went well, but I may be biased having helped organise and chair it.

20 something folks including 4 mums and 1 kid, representing 2 of the schools. We had an amazing 30 min or so talk from an older Anarchist who'd been involved in a prev (successful) school closure campaign which included a 3 month occupation. We'd previously discussed with him that he would talk for 10 mins but it was perfect that he kept going as it was so very cool and practical and educational.

The Mum's were excited that there were folks who wanted to support them and to hear of the history and tactics of the prev campaign. There was very cool discussion between them and the older Anarchist about ways and means and they seemed to get more confident and militant through the meeting. There's going to be followup and they now have a list of phone numbers for those of us willing to help espec with an occupation which they are very keen on.

Other action points included compiling reports from those involved in all the campaigns around the city and then distroing that so we can facilitate horizontal communication and networking between the schools.

I got this email from one attendee who has been floating in Trotskyist circles for a long time

just to say that your enthusiasm is ENTIRELY justified:
this is the 1st lefty meeting of ANY kind that i've been to in more than 20 years that was 'run' by working class mothers
that's good work
cheers ;)

I was dissapointed by the turnout from within the Anarchist milleau. There were members from AFed (of course) and L&S plus ?one nonaligned Anarchist and a good showing from Burgh Angel community newspaper but that was about it. Given that I think this is the most militant, grass roots, popular campaign in Glasgow for many years I would have thought other Anarchos would have been queueing up to find out how they could get involved. sad

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Mar 12 2009 18:01

Just to say that we were targetting Anarchists to come to the meeting - the mum's turning up was a nice surprise. The meeting came about as a few of us think the schools closure campaign is the key, exciting struggle in Glasgow and we wanted to get more folks involved to help it succeed. We perhaps should have publicised it more locally to the schools getting closed but I thought we might have to explain in single syllable words why these struggles deserve support to activists not already involved in community campaigns and organising. As it turned out none of them came.

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Mar 12 2009 18:33

Cool sounds really interesting. Congrats.

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Mar 12 2009 18:38

Yes, promising stuff indeed. Keep us informed Ginger.