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Sep 16 2006 12:20
Haile Selassie

Your article is generating a lot of controversy since being reposted on our new site. It's had shitloads of views already, and has generated a few hate mails already. One requests sources+references, which it's true are lacking - if one of you could let the author know and could put in a bibliography, references etc. that'd be great.

here it is:

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Sep 16 2006 12:25

I've put a couple of quotes from Marcus Garvey's 1937 article on Selassie in this morning, otherwise it's pretty much unreferenced, would be great to have some more in to back it up.

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Sep 16 2006 14:24

It is a pity I am now really in touch with my ex anymore. When she worked on London underground, she met a tube worker who was a former member of the CC of the Ethopian Communist Party.

As I think you can imagine, they were not to taken with all this reincarnation of God nonsense......