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Dec 13 2010 00:16

Hello everyone,

I was recently at the 9th December student demo. I was protesting against Capitalism and the disgusting behaviour of every government that has ever held power in the last 30 years. Enough is enough and thier recent behaviour is a line drawn in the sand, as far as i'm concerned. hand

I am immensely proud of the activism that i saw at Millbank and the Dec 9th protests. Whoever is responsible, well done. Epic performance. wink
It was an appropriately violent response to the actions of a bunch of immoral criminals that are influenced by greedy little men with too much political power, like Sir Philip Green. neutral

Anyway, i'll stop ranting and i'll get to the point laugh out loud Is/Are there any activity or meets in the North/East London area? red n black star

I hope that there are further protests throughout 2011. Bigger and better than the recent student demos. black bloc

Keep up the good work. The working class will eventually see the government for what they really are and respond in kind. wink

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Dec 13 2010 11:51

The Anarchist Federation has a London group which meets regularly in Whitechapel.

Solidarity Federation also has a north London group. Why not drop either of them an e-mail?

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gomez adelante
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Feb 20 2011 19:14

Hi, This is my first post, I am a new member of A F so Hello to you All. The next
big march will be on 26 March 2011, it's an Anti Cuts Protest and starts at
Victoria Embankment 11 am then on to Hyde Park.

I'v got my ticket..

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Feb 21 2011 12:54

Hi Gomez, yeah I think many people from here will be attending the demo on the 26th, it's good to meet somebody else who is a new member of AF smile I'll be there trying to shift as many copys of Resistance as I can.

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Mar 13 2011 20:40

Hi there.

Here is more info on the Radical Worker's Bloc for 26th March for those who haven't seen it:


As a member of the Anarchist Federation (Lincoln branch), I will hopefully be there, also trying to shift a few copies of Resistance as well as making sure our presence is felt wink

Hope to see a lot of you there and here's hoping for a sizeable anarchist turnout!