how to debate without seeming uninformed?

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Mar 16 2010 20:34

yes(strokes invisible beard). true. hopefully no more lip-biting when they are talking about the "filthy jews" that rob us-the british race of our hard earned cash.
the "lazy people who didn't spend enough time in school as they only cared about drink and drugs instead of getting qualifications so that they could earn" apparently a severly ill child who is often unconcious is lazy!
the "Crimes brought about by all muslim scum" such as what? are they telling me that every person of a certain religious belief are criminals? and haven't the religions that they follow waged wars just as bad?
and of course the "widespread destruction caused by the communist disease"-i disagree, they say you do history right? think of veitnam. i do and then i realise 'wait. yes so many many people were killed by the americans for just being there' and as berkman says war is there for capitalism.
They speak of war to end the "inferior" races i walk off not wishing to hear any more of these monsterous thoughts silently crying without tears and realise that sadly these people who are old ennough to vote are as they themselves "proud to be racist" and i think of the future that they would happily deprive millions of people.
then i lick my wounds for a few hours and come back for more.

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Mar 17 2010 18:52

thanks for the links really helpful
as you say informed is well armed!