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Alone Together
Joined: 28-09-10
Nov 12 2010 18:31
individual membership

As someone who due to location would not be able to attend or contribute regularly to any local group, I would be interested to hear what worthwhile contributions have been found possible as individual members.

T La Palli
Joined: 9-02-09
Nov 12 2010 20:58

I'm not an isolated member geographically but it seems that there are lots of contributions that can be made in terms of particpating in internal debate and national organisation, writing articles for newspapers, blogs, or magazines. There is always things like editing, developing websites, laying out publications. Distributing publications, even if not part of a group. Other things that could easily be done remotely could involve treasurer positions, maintaining membership records, treasurer duties. I'm sure there is lots of things on top of this. I say this in relation to things that gets done in the Anarchist Federation. Plus hopefully there are others in the region, if not the immediate locality.

Steven.'s picture
Joined: 27-06-06
Nov 13 2010 00:23

plus you can do things like getting involved in initiating local groups or campaigns, or distribute publicity materials like the newsletter/magazine etc.

You can still take part in the organisation by things like e-mail list, internal bulletin, internal discussion forum etc. Due to personal commitments I'm not able to do much in the way of attending meetings, but I still feel I can participate.