London AF Leaflet for Barnet

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Apr 18 2013 11:17
London AF Leaflet for Barnet

Leaflet handed out on Barnet demo
Make Barnet Spring Summertime Everywhere
Thanks to a determined fight against cuts to be imposed by the Tory Council in Barnet, local people have successfully got the sacking of Brian Coleman from the London Assembly elections and saved Friern Barnet library. This was done through building an effective alliance between local residents and activists from Occupy and others, using tactics of direct action. The Our Barnet campaign rightly sees that the privatisation being pushed through by the Council, the attack on the NHS, the setting up of academies and free schools, and the attacks on postal workers and fire stations are interlinked. There still needs to be a fight to stop the programme of privatisation in Barnet but campaigners in Barnet have been an inspiration.
Far from there being universal apathy and resignation, Barnet campaigners have shown that if there is a will to fight back, with a reliance on direct action, then the swingeing austerity programmes that are being pioneered by this government can be stopped in their tracks. We should also draw inspiration from the recent large turnout for the demonstration to save Lewisham Hospital.
We should remember that 80% of cuts planned by this government are yet to come. Despite this we should take a good look at what has been achieved in Barnet and attempt to duplicate it in every borough in Britain. We have seen that this works, both here and in other parts of the world. Let’s make this Barnet spring a glorious summer everywhere by stopping the austerity merchants in their tracks!
Anarchist Federation (London)