London AF leaflet on teachers strike

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Oct 15 2013 21:12
London AF leaflet on teachers strike

Text of London AF leaflet handed out in run up to teachers' strike this Thursday:
Attacks on Education

-Cuts in funding to all sectors
- Increase in tuition fees for university students
- Axing of EMA for college students
- Attack on pensions and salaries for teachers
and support workers
- Larger classes and increased staff workload
- Attacks on many educational services
- Increase in student debt
An attack on one is an attack on all of us
United We Stand Divided We Fall

Strike: October 17th
Anarchist Federation (London)

The past few years have seen students and education workers take action; massive student protests and occupations, the trade union march and a series of strikes. There were many instances of people across education supporting each other’s struggles, with students not crossing staff picket lines and teachers and lecturers coming out on the student protests.

We are all fighting the same enemy, and for the same things, so we need to strengthen and develop this unity and the links we have made. This fight is about much more than salaries, pensions or tuition fees, it is about the attack on the entire education system and the working class as a whole.

This autumn will see another round of actions. On October 17th, teachers will be striking in London and some other parts of the country. There will be more strikes in other parts of the country over the coming year. It is important that these strikes have support, from the teachers themselves, but also other education workers, students and the general public.
What can we do to work together to fight these attacks?

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Oct 16 2013 13:11

'....'it's an attack on the entire education system....'' ?

I realise the AF can't put across it's whole perspective on 'education' in a short strike leaflet but this kind of generalisation always rankles with me.

I mean we are talking here about the capitalist education system which surely anarchist- communists should be 'attacking' or at least subjecting to a fundamental critique. There is too much in this choice of words of the teacher 'professionalism' wheeled out by the unions in their attempt to get support for their actions from the most conservative forces in society including amongst their own memberships. Surely a defence of strikes etc exactly on the bread and butter issues of wages, pensions, tuition fees and workloads etc, ie. basic class matters which all workers understand is what is needed, especially from anarchist communists. If there are education industry services which anarchists consider do need defending then these need to be spelled out with the reasons.

This leaflet isn't all bad but really it could have been penned by any old leftist group or other rank-and-file union organisation. It serves a useful purpose in the same way (though the strategic value of this kind of leaflet given out by a small group of self declared anarchists across London can be questioned) but it isn't distinguished as anarchist or communist as such.